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DIY Beauty Treatments for Spring


If you've read any of my beauty posts, you know that I'm kind of a product junkie. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I collect and test out new products like it's my job. Oh is. BWAH! And boy do I love my job! That being said, as much as I love trying the latest and greatest products in the beauty world, I'm also a huge DIY beauty treatments nut too. You'll find coconut oil, for instance, in my pantry at all times. As long as I have that, I can usually whip up a scrub or mask in no time.

Since it's spring and the perfect season to get your skin back into shape after a long, cold winter, I thought I would round up some of my favorite DIY beauty treatments. There's no heavy lifting here...I promise. When it comes to DIY anything, this girl is all about easy. If it has more than a few required ingredients, I'm not interested. Mama's busy! I know you guys can relate. Don't worry...These are all super simple and worth taking a few extra minutes out of your day to prepare.

sugar scrub

A scrub is one of the easiest beauty DIYs you can tackle and who doesn't love super soft, exfoliated skin? I know this girl does. I try to use some sort of scrub, whether I make it or not, at least once a week. I'm talking body and face. This sugar scrub is a winner!


I keep resharing this hair DIY because I love it SO much. It's a lemon and avocado mask that leaves your tresses moisturized without making already oily roots greasier. It's great for making those blowouts we're all so fond of last because it helps cut down on the oil without being dehydrating.


You thought I was done with scrubs right? Nope. There is no shortage of sugar scrub recipes out there and this java junkie is all about the addition of coffee to this coffee sugar scrub! And I love how they pointed out to try to use organic ingredients. When going the DIY route, why not try to be as natural as possible? That's kinda the point right?

diy beauty

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