Clinique Cleansing Brush

clinique foam and sonic brush

If you aren't using a sonic cleansing brush what are you waiting for? I got to test out the new Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush for the past few months and it's delightful and well-priced. Here's what we love...

The Clinique brush has a delicate cleansing motion. I think it'll be ideal for tweens or teens trying to get into good skincare habits. There's an automatic timer that'll help you know how long to clean. I think if you make it easy and fun, a girl will learn to take care of her skin. For that matter, it's great for boys too! The angled tip targets the T-Zone and other hard to reach areas so it can be an excellent tool in the fight against acne.

The anti-microbial brush is waterproof--so feel free to use it in the shower, I did and it was lovely. The brush comes with a 2-year warranty. For me, once a day cleansing was perfect.

You can use any cleanser with the brush. They recommend a foaming one, but I tried my creamy cleansers too and they worked great and the price is right--$89.50. How about this as a graduation gift?

To use the cleanser, first remover your makeup. Then put your favorite cleanser on the brush. I tried the Clinique foaming cleanser (it worked well, but I didn't care for the smell. It smelled strongly of petroleum). Massage your face with the brush in a circular motion for 15 seconds on cheeks using white bristles. There is no need to apply pressure, the brushes motion does all the work. Then massage in up-and-down motion for 15 seconds combined on T-Zone using green bristles. Rinse your face and them and pat dry. Finish with your favorite moisturizer. Be sure to rinse brush head after each use.

Shop the Clinique Cleansing Brush here and the Clinique Cleansing Foam.

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