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Clear Skin Awaits with Evologie

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I am a product junkie. It is not that I want to be, but I am always in the constant search of the winning product that promises to do what it is supposed to. For me that means products that says they will clear up blemishes and even out skin tone. Ladies, clear skin awaits with Evologie.

During Blog Her I had the chance to enjoy a relaxing R&R Suite hosted by the team from Trumpeting Media. I was instantly excited to learn more about Evologie, a brand that is developed by Dr. Robert Nagel and a team of doctors to address the multiple causes and complications associated with pimples and blemishes.

While speaking with the team at Evologie it was interesting to hear about their YS3 complex that is designed to get deep down into the skin to increase blood flow that can help the heal the skin as well as nourish and hydrate it. This is also backed by clinical proof that was tested out on both male and females teens and adults of all skin types. The results were startling; 98% had an immediate reduction in blemish size; 97% reduce inflammation and redness; 92% reduced new breakouts and 97% reduced dark spots. As a product junkie, I was sold on that concept and went home to test out their line.

Clear Skin Awaits with Evologie

How it works is simple. There is a daily cleanser, cream and serum (all of which contain the YS3 complex) to be used as a daily regime to treat blemishes and hydrate the skin. I started my day by using the daily cleaner and I loved how mild it was as it nourished and cleaned my skin. This non-drying formula is designed to unclog pores, clean bacteria and debris while also maintaining the skin's PH balance. It is also neutralizes environmental free radicals and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and moisturized thanks to the addition of chamomile.

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I then used the intensive blemish serum to clear up any pimples or blemishes by simply applying it on the affected areas post-wash. I loved how it left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated without experiencing any redness or dryness that most acne products are renowned for. I also used the Stay Clear Cream that serves as a moisturizer that keeps skin clear and bright while also reducing breakouts.

This simple, and effective system has significantly helped me clear up my skin without causing any damage in the process. There is literally no redness, dryness or irriation with Evologie. I not only loved how quickly it cleared up my skin, but also how it left my skin hydrated, refreshed, smooth, and even healthy. It was amazing that I found a product that actually delivered what it said it would and also that I found one that was consistent during multiple uses. This is something that I haven't found yet, so it was refreshing to feel how Evologie could get deep down to the root of the problem.

Over the course of the month, I truly enjoyed learning more about this brand - especially since they can back their claim of providing a product that "Breaks the Breakout Cycle."

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