Braids have been hot hot hot the past few years and as we look ahead to spring, they're still right on the money for the upcoming season. There are so many fun ways you can experiment with braids and I'm going to share one of them with you today: the braid within a braid tutorial. 

It's a jazzed up version of my go-to hairstyle, the side braid. I've been rockin' a side braid for as long as I can remember. It takes nearly no time to throw my tresses into one and it keeps my hair out of the way, while making it look like I actually put in some effort. Haha!


Seeing as the side braid isn't exactly revolutionary, I made things a little more interesting by rockin' a braid within a braid. Before we get started with the tutorial, let's talk about the products I used. My products of choice for this style were Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Milk, which is a leave in conditioning spray, and Dessange Paris Illuminating Elixir. The conditioning spray helped give my braid hold and I smoothed some fly aways with the Elixir. So, are you ready find out how EASY this braid is to recreate?

Braid Within a Braid Tutorial

Step 1: Section a small piece of your bangs, braid and set it aside.


Step 2: Section off the rest of your hair into 3 pieces and begin braid.


Step 3: Braid the sections twice, then grab the small braid you made with your bangs and integrate it into the large braid. VOILA...You have a braid within a braid in no time flat!


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