Bionee Organic Skincare for Mom and Baby


Only a mother can truly understand what happens to her body and her skin during pregnancy. Our needs change and our skin changes and we want to be safe and take care of ourselves and the precious child we are carrying.

I had the chance to sit down with the creator and founder of Bionee, a new certified organic skincare line for mom and baby, Ewa Asmar. Asmar, a mother of a one-year old boy and one on the way, wanted to create a one of a kind product for pregnancy, babies, and health conscious moms. She based Bionee's skincare line on only the most efficient formulations, green concepts, and the safest ingredients.

Bionee fuses green science and time honored beauty rituals with ingredients from all over the world. All of the ingredients have been safety tested and have earned a European accredidation for use during pregnancy and on baby's skin.

Asmar showed me a few of the products from all three lines and I was pleasantly surprised by the softness and scent of each product. Some of my favorites were the Revitalizing Face Cream for pregnant mothers which was refreshingly cool to the skin and will help reduce the signs for fatigue, especially in the first trimester! The Nipple Remedy is a no rinse formula for new moms that is Lanolin and fragrance free and includes edible ingredients. The Pure Hair and Body Cleansing Foam for babies was soft and smooth and has natural scents to calm your child before bed time. A dream for any new mom!


All of Bionee's products are free of phthalates, parabens, and synthetic ingredients. Bionee was created for women by women. They strive to have the safest, most efficient and pleasing formulations that women need during the precious time of pregnancy, motherhood and finally for their babies.

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