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3 of the Best Products This Year for Women

I'm always looking for products that will make my life easier. I'm a busy I need to know: Does it help me do something faster? Better? Am I saving money? Time? Does it keep me safe? The answers to these questions in regards to these next three products are "yes". I'm unashamed to tell you that I did in fact try them all out and while the subject matter you're about to dive into might be a little cringe-worthy, you'll inevitably thank me later. After all, we're big on problem solving here at Momtrends, so I rounded up some of the best products I've found this year for women!

THINX period-proof-panties:

Okay. So, I read dozens of reviews for these "miracle panties" and every single one of them stated how fabulous they were. Not one woman who tried them said that she had any issues. I found this super hard to believe. And all the regular questions filtered into my brain: Don't they feel like a diaper? What if you have a leak? Don't you feel wet all day? Isn't it kinda gross?

thinx panties

Bottom line: These panties are extremely comfortable, albeit a little thicker than traditional cotton underwear. And no, it's not gross. The THINX panty has a top layer that wicks all liquid into the thin absorption layer right beneath. Even if you have a heavier flow, they will absolutely keep you dry. While I won't be wearing them every day, they are the perfect companion for sleeping during that time of the month.

PiperWai Charcoal Paste Deodorant:

Did you know that your sweat is odorless? It only starts to smell when it comes into contact with bacteria. (Ew.) With all the talk about aluminum in deodorants leading to significant disease (thanks for freaking me out, Internet), I started to explore other options
to keeping my pits dry and bacteria free. I've been really trying to lean towards products that are natural since whatever you put onto your body gets absorbed INTO your body and I'd like mine to stay relatively organic. While I was weary about it being in paste form, I have come to love the way it feels. Remember the school glue that was purple and turned white when it was dry? The same theory goes for PiperWai deodorant--it starts off charcoal gray and turns clear after application.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.52.50 PM

Bottom line: The organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E is good for you. It comes in a pot that is totally portable. Although it's pricier than my original go-to deodorant ($11.99), I've completely converted. It won't stain your clothes, irritate your skin, and will leave you feeling fresh.

Rayovac Power Protect Phone Charger + Safety Siren:

rayovac protect and charge
rayovac alarm

This one falls under the category of things I wish I had in college. As a youngin' (17), roaming the streets of NYC after class and work, I would've loved to have had this super handy and discreet alarm system. It doubles as a phone charger and flashlight so you're never left in a bad position.

Bottom Line: This makes a great gift for anyone going off to college, traveling for the summer, or to give yourself a little peace of mind. They come in great colors, are small enough to pop onto a purse or backpack (see cell phone size comparison), and you can give it to your tween disguised as a way to keep her phone charged.

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