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If there is one step in my morning routine that I never skip, it's moisturizing. I, of course, wear face moisturizer, but I never step out the door without applying body lotion either. My skin feels so tight and itchy if I don't properly moisturize it. So, I have several of my favorite bottles and jars of body lotions and creams on my bathroom counter at all times. My poor hubs. I kind of dominate the area. Haha! So, let's talk about a few of what I consider best body lotions...

basq body butter

Basq Touch Lavender Body Butter...If I don't spritz on a light fragrance in the morning, I turn to a scented body butter. Mama likes to smell good! That being said, I have to be careful what I use thanks to my sensitive skin. I'm happy to report that Basq's lavender scented body body butter smells great, doesn't irritate my skin and leaves it feeling nice and hydrated. I believe it was limited edition, so it may be tough to find. The lavender J.R. Watkins Natural Body Butter is a great alternative. And while we're talking lavender, I love Basq's body oil too!

vaseline lotion

Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum Deep Repair...If your skin is feeling extra dry, like mine so often does, this body lotion is for you. I especially like to use it on areas that tend to be dryer like my elbows and heels. And the best part is, as moisturizing as it feels, it's super light weight. I don't know about you, but I'm not into using super heavy creams in the spring and summer months.

nivea lotion

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion...Now this is really cool. You can moisturize right in the shower. It's perfect for those days you're running late for school drop off and have but a few moments to shower and get ready. No extra step required. Just apply, rinse and go. I know I'm not the only mama who wakes up late right? Well, this body lotion is just one of the little tricks I have up my sleeve to get out the door on time!


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