Beauty Tips for Busy Moms: Cleaning Up Your Makeup Habits

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Are you in a makeup rut? Maybe you're trying to kick a bad habit? Whatever your beauty resolution this year, know that you AREN'T alone. All of us want our beauty routines to be fast, fun and fresh. Maybe all you need is a quick trip to CVS to turn your resolutions into reality!

My resolution is to not be lazy when it comes to my beauty. I admit I've used dirty makeup brushes and mascara past it's prime. Not this year! I'm so lucky to have teamed up with two of my favorite beauty bloggers--Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney for this series. We’ve shopped with our favorite beauty resource--CVS Beauty Club--to come up with real world solutions and savings for making 2015 your best beauty year yet.

The BIG Goal: Clean up my act. I want to clear out all the makeup products that have passed their expiration dates and make sure my makeup tools are in great condition. (a good rule of thumb for eye makeup is about 3 months beyond the opening date, skin powders can last up to 5 months, after 6 months you should toss your mascara). You'll be updating your makeup collection guilt-free because shopping when you're CVS Beauty Club member pays you back in so many ways. You get an amazing selection (like my favorite Clump Crusher Mascara) at CVS and rewards for shopping (as a member, for every $50 I spend on qualifying beauty products, I get $5 ExtraBucks Rewards!).

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My 2nd Goal: Be more diligent about cleaning my beauty tools.Take a look at the tools you use as well - do they need a good cleaning? After each use, wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe like the CVS Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes. If you’ve noticed sudden break-outs on your face it might be time to suds up your makeup brushes. Twice a year go for the deep cleaning and suds up your brushes with a baby shampoo.

Cleaning Up Your Makeup Habits

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And be sure to sign up as a CVS Beauty Club Member to receive the extra deals and savings too! Sign-up here and you’ll receive a 10% off beauty shopping pass at enrollment! We can’t wait to hear how much you save by buying your favorite beauty products at CVS.

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