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Beauty & Beyond: The Sleepy Time Edition

There was no getting up this morning. Let’s just say sleeping appears to be for the birds, since there was an entire flock singing outside my window at 3am.

TDW Collage

Make no mistake – I’m “up”…took our daughter to school, checked emails, I’m getting ready to walk the dogs. But I’m still lying down in my head. Delusional? Yes. But this fallacy I’m wrapped up in also has me wrapped in a down comforter. Thank you. Good night.

When I’m not feeling my best in the morning I like to wake up my skin with a splash of chilly water. This works to jump start your circulation for rosy cheeks and less puffiness, or so say Scandinavian women who begin and end their day with 20 splashes of ice cold spring mineral water.

There are some days when I need an even bigger boost. Like today. So I turned to the doctor. Or should I say, his wife.

TDW (AKA The Doctor’s Wife, so you know she’s got the scoop) has a face wash that does just that. It wakes you up. Sure, their brand new Menthe Blanche microfoliator leaves skin soft, but that’s not why I love it. When using this scrub (a nice gentle one not as gritty as some), I get a blast of menthol that just begs for a deep breath in, deep breath out, waking up my body. The natural oil peppermint extract doesn’t end there. My skin is refreshed with an icy feeling, one that lasted even while following up with my moisturizer.

This is like an alarm clock for beauty. And it’s time to get up, ladies.

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Menthe Blanche is available at for $59.

Part of my incessant state of sleepiness means I really don’t feel like taking a shower. #judging So off I go to start my day with bed head (too bad “bed head” doesn’t come with a pillow). Problem - now I run the risk of bumping into someone I know (read: an ex or a nemesis) throughout my semi-fabulous day. And here I am, sporting a don’t instead of a ‘do.

rene Collage

A big headband could work, but instead I grabbed Rene Furterer Naturia dry shampoo. Unlike other shampoos that use things like colored powders or ingredients that turn your hair white, this has clay and silica to absorb oil. There are also rice and corn starch powders, but they add colored iron oxides to make the otherwise white powders invisible.

Spray it on and fight the urge to panic. Yes, your hair is white but relax. There are a few more steps that will take care of that. Wait two minutes, then pat lightly with a towel.

They even tout it as a great way to get through the ridiculous three days of a Keratin treatment where water is your enemy. Your hair has volume and isn't greasy. You might say it quickly "wakes up" your style. Now if only it worked for my head and not just my head of hair.

Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo is available at salons nationwide.

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