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The Beauty Product I Can't Live Without

Have you ever come across a beauty product that is SUCH a game changer, you can't believe you ever lived without it? Well, I'm about to show you get ready! I found it this late in life probably because I wasn't much of a product girl in my twenties. Sure I wore moisturizer, lipstick and a little mascara...but that's about it. I guess I was able to get away with the bare minimum thanks to that youthful glow we all have and don't appreciate when we're younger. Haha! But when I hit my thirties and started to notice a few fine lines and discoloration issues pop up, I decided to put some more time into my beauty routine...and, let me tell you, mama has never looked back. Bwah!

makeup setting spray

I am a full blown product junkie now and love trying out the latest and greatest additions to the beauty world! I particularly love it when my fellow beauty product lovin' friends introduce me to new finds. That was the case with the Urban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray. My friend Jessica and I were strolling through Sephora when she picked it up and asked if I'd ever tried it. Little did I know that she had just introduced me to my newest MUST HAVE...a miracle spray that magically keeps shininess at bay.

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For more details on why I can't live without this makeup setting spray, check out my latest beauty video! And for more beauty product finds like our non toxic nail polish favorite, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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