Beauty Finds for Men

Beauty Finds for Men

My husband won't use the same beauty products I do. I think he believes he'll lose chest hair or something if he puts on anything that smells like a flower. It's too pink. Too fancy. Too frou frou. Put something into a brown container, call it Dirt for Men (no joke, there's a new line called this), and he'll use it. Go figure.

And he should. With daily shaving irritation, skin that boasts more oil and acid than a woman's, and a complexion that's more prone to skin damage (maybe because they think skin care is just for girls?), a man's daily grooming ritual is more trying on their skin than ours. I know, collective sigh from the gals.

To keep your man at his best, here's a roundup of some men's lines. First off, you can't wrong from anything from Anthony's Logistics for Men or Jack Black. It's what they do. They make men pretty. Oh sorry, guys. I mean, they make rugged guys look manly man man. But there are a few lesser known, newer lines out there that are fantastic. Not a flower in sight.


Beauty Finds for Men

  • What guy doesn't like dirt? DIRT for Men is the antithesis of feminine, with the ultimate in look and feel for the man'??s man. It boasts an AM energizing serum, a PM recharger cream, Armour (a manly name for daily moisturizer with SPF), and Shave & Face Wash--all with 100% natural ingredients and 0% girly.
  • StriVectin Men's Wrinkle-Fighting Tool Kit is great because as we know, real men wrinkle too. StriVectin skincare for men formulas have vitamin B3 for a little TLC. Developed especially for him, the kit has Instant Retexturizing Scrub, Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles.
june jacobs
  • I've been a fan of June Jacobs' line (created by sorority sister Rochelle Jacobs' mom, I might add) for years, so when I found out I can now share their products with my husband I was thrilled. They just launched a four-product men's line complete with cleanser, scrub, shave cream and lotion. It has pine bark in it, so it reduces the irritation Drama King typically associated with men's grooming.
  • A trusted name finally decided to show men some love with a new line just for them. Lubriderm Men's a mutli-tasking powerhouse of 3-in-1 Body, Face and Post Shave lotions that reduce roughness, are non-greasy and have fresh fragrances that say "I'm a dude!" (think pepper, sandalwood and musk). Even the bottles are manly, at 16oz each.
  • Canadian line Skoah has an amazing Shave Kream that's uber-lubricating (it's got highly refined olive oil) and reduces redness (thanks, comfrey root). TheirFace Skotion, although uni-sex is perfect for your guy since it dries matte and doesn't have a strong scent.
  • Cremo Cream is without air (the main ingredient in those foams and gels that your man loves). Instead this rich cream is made from super-lubricating, highly-slippery molecules specially compounded with powerful skin conditioners, creating a dream shave. Want a really smooth move? Sandwich the shave cream between their face wash and moisturizer.

So go ahead and give your guy some skin care advice. But, in this case, don't say it with flowers.

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