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Beauty & Beyond: Fab Beauty Finds

I’ve been obsessed with flat ironing my hair for months now. There’s nothing like telling those winter static to take a hike with one smooth move of a straightener. Now that we're getting ready to dip our toes into the beaches of summer, I’m thinking more tousled waves.

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The Bed Head Rock 'N Roller Ceramic Styling Iron is a miracle. I'm seriously in love. This crazy curling iron has a bubbly barrel for two different types of curls. When you want tight tendrils, wrap your strands around the inner grooves. Want to make bigger waves? Drape them over the bigger bubbles.

Since it’s clamp-free and has Tourmaline Ceramic Technology, it doesn’t fry your hair. And it comes a heat protective styling glove, so it doesn’t fry your hand.

This summer, even though my stick-straight locks have locked onto the idea that chic and sleek is the only way to go, I’m ready to show them a curl or two.

The Rock n Roller is available at amazon. com

I look thrilled in the photo above, don't I. It's tough to smile when you have a piece of cloth on your face. But trust me, I'm giddy with excitement...

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As most of you do, I buy masques all the time. I have visions of my bathroom becoming a sanctuary in which I will enjoy a lavish facial once or twice a week. I buy clay ones for detoxing, honey ones for hydrating, blue ones...well...just because they're blue and it's fun to channel these guys.

The reality is that my bathroom is loud and busy, and I usually end up forgetting I even own the masques. Sometimes I struggle just to lather my face, nevermind lavish it.

When I find the time, I usually open up my jars to find dried up cracks on the top. A veritable dessert of mud. Literally.

That’s why I fell in love with Montagne Jeunesse’s packet masques, one-step and one-time facials. They have all-natural ingredients and you can pick your "poison"...dry skin, aging skin, skin that needs calming, whatever you need.

These are fantastic for taking on vacation – a time when we usually forget about taking care of our skin in favor of other more fun things. Just pack these tiny treats in your toiletries bag. When you’re ravished by the sun on beach trips, grab one from their new Exotic Fruits collection like the Prickly Pear Peel Off or the refreshing Cucumber Peel off. Or if you’re on some chilly getaway and need a boost, try the Sauna Masque, a self-heating Volcanic Clay sauna masque.

They also have serious no-brainers skin care for when you literally don't want to put a second thought into it. Their new material masques have clay-infused natural bamboo fabric. Just unfold it and place it on your face, letting the ingredients do there thing while you do nothing. There’s the Red Earth Clay Spa (infused Mediterranean clay with suitably spicy cinnamon and pulped pomegranates), Glacial Clay Spa (cooling masque that cleanse your pores to the core with clay and arctic cloudberry juice from the glacial heights of Scandinavia) and Dead Sea Mud Spa full of nutrient-rich seaweed and kelp.

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