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Beauty & Beyond: The Spot Remover Edition

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During the chilly season, we?re as pale as pale can be. When you aren't hiding behind a tan, a lot of things show up. Although we can envelop our bodies under sweaters and comfy sweats, our skin tells our story front and center.

The first things that show up on my face once my summer glow goes are freckles (not born of a cute Shirley Temple youth, but instead of age and sun damage). I call them freckles, but let?s call an age spot an age spot, shall we? And of course my hands aren?t any better.

According to a recently released Syneron Consumer Beauty Insights Survey of over 1,000 women over 25, 79 percent said that having youthful skin would make them feel more confident than a designer wardrobe (cool, more Louboutins for me).

As we all know, youthful skin is bright and even (unless you?re Shirley Temple). Since hyperpigmentation is the new wrinkle, so many companies are obsessed with making this common issue a focus on skincare. Brightening up your skin is something done easily (and expensively) at your derm?s office. But I like the topical at-home versions, as you know.

I was recently introduced to the three-step elure Advanced Skin Brightening system's Lotion, Night Cream and Face Wash. elure solutions are packed with a mushroom-derived natural enzyme formulation called Melanozyme. This enzyme suppresses melanin (that pesky brown pigmenting nightmare) while dissolving it right on the skin?s surface in just 28 days.

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I love that this product allows you to mix your the portions together. So many times ingredients are rendered useless because they were activated when the manufacturers mixed them and by the time they get to you, their potency is down by a bunch (this happens a lot with Vitamin C products, which is why you often see mixing them at application time).

The Advanced Brightening Lotion is a sheer lotion, dare I say serum, that doesn?t feel particularly hydrating. My heart (and dry skin) tells me to use it under my normal moisturizing cream for day. They also suggest using an SPF to show skin TLC during the lightening process. The Night Cream however, with its recovery hydration complex, is rich and formulated to give your skin moisturizing beauty sleep.

On my quest for younger looking skin, I?m reaching out to one of my favorite skincare lines for softer hands sans spots. Since February is all about love (and holding hands), their new GOLDFADEN MD Hands To Heart Anti-Aging Plus Brightening Hand Treatment, makes its debut at the perfect time.


This rich yet fast-absorbing cream helps fade dark spots and reduces the appearance of fine lines while instantly smoothing and plumping skin. It has anti-aging ingredients like CoQ10, niacinimide (a powerhouse of vitamin B that reduces hyperpigmentation), glucosamine (to pump your skin up), and retinol (Vitamin A in its purest most active form to aid aging cells). There?s also potent hyaluronic acid (as you know, one of my faves for hydrating skin) and organic red tea.

And to give others a helping hand, so to speak, Goldfaden MD is giving 10% of all proceeds to the American Heart Association. That just warms my heart.

elure is available for between $35 to $150. GOLDFADEN MD Hands to Heart Anti-Aging Plus Brightening Hand Treatment is $38 and is available at

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