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In the wintertime, we're always trying to get back some sort of color in our winterized cheeks (something besides a windburn). There's usually one thing wrong with that attempt.

Why do women seem to not be able to apply blush with a light hand? Most of the time they're walking around looking like they've caught the latest feverish flu bug--pale skin punctuated by two giant blobs of red rouge (or blush, as the kids call it these days). One on each cheek a-la-Raggedy-Ann.

Let's talk apples not oranges, OK.

Smile. See the little bumps that your cheeks become, a bubble off from directly under your eyes. Those are the apples. Put the blush there. This is the end of the story. Still need a little Blush 101? There's a quick trick to where you should you put your cheek color. Take two fingers and place them vertically next to your nose. Where the sides of your outer finger ends--that's where your color goes. Put most of it there, with just one sweep up the cheekbones.


Here are a few more tips to avoid the sideways glances that you might be harboring a feverish illness:

  • Use buildable colors that aren't too intense right off the bat. If you don't, you're fighting an uphill battle from the beginning.
  • Try to find a formula that you can control, so that you don't look like a B-n-B escaped clown.
  • Gels and liquid stain can be tough to manage. I actually stay away from these completely. The edges can be difficult to blend and you have to work quickly. And with a constant barrage of 'mommy, look at this,' I hardly have time to dawdle through my makeup time.
  • Cream blush with a powder on top works well. That way if you get too much cream, you can tone it down with a lighter powder.
  • I don't mix and match. I usually use a powder blush over a face powder; a cream blush over a liquid foundation. My favorite powders are in the Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color line...but be careful with a heavy hand, since the high pigment formulations mean intense color. For cream blush try The Multiple Orgasm by NARS, a light stick formula they say you can use almost anywhere (note: It says you can use it on your lips, but don't. It cakes something fierce.) By sticking with the same color delivery medium, I feel like I'm comparing apples to apples. So to speak.

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Photo: Russ Berrie Raggedy Ann

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