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Favorite Beauty Finds for Hands and Nails

Beauty Finds for Hands and Nails: how to care for your nails

Let's talk about some beauty finds for hands and nails. I had dinner over at a friend's house the other day. She has two step-daughters, so I brought my little one. Quite the age difference between them, but we figured there's one thing all girls can agree on regardless of age'--painting nails is fun

Beauty Finds for Hands and Nails

So I brought over my trunkbox of nail colors. The beauty writer I am, you might imagine I have a few...dozen. Yes, I have a few dozen.

With all the pretty bold shades awaiting us, purples, blues, greens--we all reached for a shade that would knock everyone's socks (or should I say gloves) off. We all did except for my friend. When she was finished with her sheer pale pink, I asked, "What'?s up with the neutral?"

Turns out she can't paint her own nails. *shakes head in shame* tisk tisk tisk Then two days later, what did I get in the mail? Something that could have helped my polish-challenged friend--Liquid Palisade.

This neat liquid creates a paint-on barrier that covers and protects fingernail cuticles from polish mishaps, guaranteeing a perfect color line around cuticle. As my friend needs, it just gives a little assurance that you won't color outside of the lines.

Just paint a thin line of the purple Palisade around your nail, give it a second to dry, then paint your nail. When you're done with the main color, simply pull off the palisade in a thin strip. You can also use this for French manicures (please don't unless you're getting married) or fun nail art designs. (Note: Latex allergies, beware.)

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Palisade is available at for $22.

mac childs

Confession: You do not want to hold hands with me. My hands feel like sandpaper. No matter how much lotion or cream I slather on, it seems that they never reach that baby soft status as they do in the summer. I even tried Bag Balm, which my friend raves about--you know, the stuff they put on cow's udders to soften though? Well, Besse's boobs are a lot softer than my hands, I guess.

Until now. I found a different cow. quintessentially English cult beauty brand Cowshed partnered last month with handy craft ceramic artisans of MacKenzie-Childs with the launch of two handcare products last month. Cowshed boasts a natural and therapeutic product line known for good, clean fun using no artificial colors or fragrances, and no animal products except organic beeswax and wildflower honey.

I was excited to see Cowshed's most iconic products "Grubby Cow Hand Wash and Cow Slip Hand Cream" wrapped in a new print designed by MacKenzie-Childs that's inspired by sweet, delicate flowers.

Grubby Cow Hand Wash ($24) is infused with peppermint oil, a cooling antiseptic, to help stimulate and rejuvenate the hand, plus sweet orange oil to cleanse and tone; this zesty wash gently cleans without drying. Got that? Without drying. Now you're singing my song. The healing properties of spearmint oil makes the Cow Slip Hand Cream ($26) a must for over-worked hands, while petitgrain oil maintains moisture, preventing dryness and restoring supple skin for younger looking hands.

I never thought my beauty regimen would be so closely tied to cows. Oh well. Hand creams, moooove over.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive samples for review purposes.

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