Beauty & Beyond: Fab Finds for Spring


I’m so ready for the spring temps. At least I am now that I’ve shaved, worked on a little gradual self tanning and gotten a pedi. But all of these things can fall by the wayside if you don’t keep up with them. You can call spring and summer "maintenance months," my friends.

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One thing that I abhor is cracked heels. Nothing ruins a nice pair of wedges than a gross dry heel.Noodle & Boo has you covered with its The Balm.

I lather on this thick cream every night and it helps me avoid cracked heels so I can show off my tootises every day the sun shines. It has organic shea butter and sunflower oil to soften and moisturize skin. Then the blend of bilberry, lemon, orange, sugar cane and sugar maple extracts to natural alpha-hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate the rough stuff you already have.

I’m not going to say, “It’s da bomb” because that would be too obvious. kinda is.

The Balm is available for $24 at

I don't want to be that person. We've seen her. In the gym locker room. At the beach. In the airport security, unloading the contents of her gigantic purse with 400 mumbling unhappy travelers behind her in line. It's the woman who lugs her entire bathroom around with her - full-sized hairspray, full-sized flat iron, entire makeup collection. She apparently is a firm believe in the motto "go big or go home."

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Turns out size isn't everything, lady. You can find beauty in the smallest of places. For instance, the newGK Hair mini Tamer Flat Iron. It reaches big temps (up to 410 degrees) to straight and tame tiny areas. Think of sections of your locks that you otherwise wouldn't be able to hit with a clumsy full-sized flat iron.

Since its premium titanium plates are only 1/2 inch (in the above photo, you can see it next to a pen), I wouldn’t suggest doing your entire head with it. That would quite literally take forever. But this is perfect to tuck in your bag for a quick bathroom mirror fix up. It can get take those tendrils from stringy to romantic. And it can quickly lick that cow lick.

The unusual beveled grip, so you can keep a big grasp on this tiny treasure.

The GK mini tamer is available on for $65.

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