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Our Favorite New Beauty Products


IMHO, one of the worst things about birthdays is checking a new age bracket in a survey. Nothing is more up-in-your-face than a tic in the next box. Or changing your glance from what fashionistas in their 20s are wearing in the Fashion at Every Age section of Bizarre magazine to the 30s or gasp...the 40s.

But at least something like designating your age puts emphasis on enjoying it instead of hiding it. Finding the right outfit for your older self, or in the case of Stages of Beauty, the right skin care for your older skin.

Created by an MIT-trained chemical and biological engineer (that's right, there are major smarts behind this), the mission of this skincare line is to make sure you know how to properly treat your skin at every 'stage'? of life. Sure, each decade brings on new life challenges (new job, marriage, new house, kids, another new house, menopause, kids' marriage), so you had better believe there are some skin challenges along the way as well.

This is truly the first line of products that target age brackets. Each line boasts its own tailored cleanser, serum, toner, moisturizer, and scrub. The Radiance line is for women in their 20s, when you want to protect your skin against environmental damage and repair what'??s already been done.

The Harmony Line is for you lovelies in your 30s, and it puts a focus on promoting your skin's ability to exfoliate and make new skin cells, while also supporting collagen and elastin (because you can start to say good-bye to these two important building blocks around this decade). In your 40s? The Elegance Line gives your skin even more firmness, elasticity and toning TLC. The Grace Line is for 50+, hydrating and balancing the effects of hormones.

They use ingredients derived from nature. Think apple stem cells, Swiss cress extract, marine extract, and even monk's pepper berry extract, a newly discovered restorative and protective ingredient.

Checking that box is still a tough hurdle. But at least you'll look good doing it.

Stages of Beauty is available at


Just because I may have recently ticked a box in a new age group, doesn't mean I don't want to have fun. I mean, Cyndi Lauper just wants to have fun and she'??s like 100 years older than I am. OK, not really 100. 75.

Since I've been dipping into the fabulous winter nail trends (those greens really got me), I was excited to see the newest line of Sally Hansen's Salon Effects. Snakeskin-inspired prints to trendy tweed, fishnets to a sweet love letter (my favorite), these polish strips are quick and easy ways to point (haha) out to other that you've got style.

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They're made with real polish. Just peel, line it up with your nail and smooth it on. Then take the file and file it off the top. OK, this might take a bit of practice. Your first few nails won't look that great.

Granted some of the styles are a tad young for me (like Tattoo Much, which channels Ed Hardy, or Fly with Me, a fluttery butterfly pattern perfect for my little girl and her nickname--The Bug). But the Misbehaved fishnet is super sexy, and Brattlesnake is subtle fun. Love Letter is so adorable, I just sit there staring at my nails like a sentimental romantic.

The styles last up to 10 days, making my green mani green with envy. And when you're ready, just take them off with regular nail polish remover. A quick tip for the tips: Because these are made from real nail polish, you'll have to use all strips immediately upon opening otherwise they'll dry out.

When it comes to easy age-less beauty, I definitely think Sally has nailed it.

Sally Hansen's Salon Effects are available at drugstores for $9.99.


I went in for a massage last week (I love my job. I love my job.). Too bad I couldn't relax because of how stressed I was that the masseuse would see my feet. Yes, I'm the one who cleans for the maid. I also shave before going to the gynecologist. Gotta look nice. So of course, since I was getting a foot rub, my feet should have been in tip-toe condition. Not so. I have had zero downtime for various reasons, so my pedicures have been kicked to the curb lately.

Winter is the time when we need to take care of our tootsies. All that dry air leaves heels cracked and quite frankly quite gross. Even though open toes are in the back of the closets with the espadrilles, doesn't mean you shouldn't care for your feet.

I have just what the doctor ordered. Literally. Dr. Krista Archer created this great Sole Savour Cream that is a naturally derived foot cream that heals and restores your feet using oat beta glucan. The first product in the ARCH line, this rich cream also has shea butter, vitamins and essential oils to hydrate, solving dry and cracking skin issues.

What a great way to get a leg up on cracked heels before you have to start to show them again in your slinkiest of Jimmy Choos. Now if you'll pardon me, I have to set up a massage, so I can show that masseuse a foot or two.

Sole Savour Creame is available at for $30.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive samples for review purposes.

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