Avon #Kissable

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Time to put away the gloss and slip on some kissable lipstick. Avon sent me a half dozen tubes of the new "totally kissable lipstick" and my husband gives it the thumbs up. Unlike gloss (which I admittedly own too many), there is nothing sticky or gooey about this. In fact, it's kind of grown-up.

The finish is petal soft--not as stark as a matte finish. It's a soft polish to the lips and perfect for anyone ready to take a break from gloss. This color stays on longer and offers a great buffer to the cold January winds in NYC. The formula apparently has avocado and coconut oil in it to boost the moisture levels.

Keep it simple. A little blush, mascara and a great kissable lip and done!


At just $8 a tube, you'll want to add a few to your bag of tricks to brighten up. My favorite colors are Natural Glow (shown) and Plum Intrigue.

Shop the collection here or call your Avon representative.

I'm a paid blog ambassador for Avon. As such, they send me a box of goodies every month to test. I get to pick my favorite things to write about each month as I discover all the new offerings. It's never scripted. All opinions are my own.

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