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5 Must-Try Products for Color-Treated Hair

TLC for Your Tresses

I am super excited to say: I will never again go to the salon to have my hair colored... 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going back to the dark side. The whole black roots, blond ends, pale skin thing is not working for me. It's more gothic than glam (on my head, at least), and not at all flattering for my tone... despite the fact that I allowed myself to go months between appointments. Hey, being blond is expensive and the upkeep is time-consuming. Suffice to say, coloring your hair is a commitment. 

Alas, I finally found the budget-friendly and convenient solution I'd been looking for! I snagged someone to come to my home and do my hair color IN my kitchen! (Hallelujah.) She works around my schedule (nap time in-home touch-ups, anyone?!) and refuses to accept tips--which means, I can get my hair done every six weeks without breaking the budget or having to book a sitter. 

Now that I'm back on track and blond-ish again, I've been testing out a few new products for color-treated tresses--all those chemicals, plus styling and winter dryness can wreak havoc on your hair and hurt the hue you've been investing your hard earned time and money in. 

I've rounded up a few faves to keep your dyed-and-tried mane looking magnificent, mamas--whether you are a DIY home-bottle blond, a salon brunette, or lucky enough to have your own on-call bathroom-sink stylist!


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1. Tangle Teezer, $15: Between the dying, the drying, the styling, the cold weather and the heat, I've been known to go through an entire bottle of conditioner in an attempt to work out the kinks. (Do as I say,  not as a I do... or just give the shower a thorough rinse-out afterwards so your husband doesn't slip and fall on his face--oops.) The Tangle Teezer is an amazing accomplice in my daily quest to detangle. It's made smoothing out the rat's nest so much easier... Even my daughter let's me use it on her baby mane! That's saying a lot!

2. Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray, $20: Did you now that heat-styling and UV rays can cause your color to change? This easy-to-use spray-and-leave-in conditioning treatment will help protect your hair hue, while also reducing flyaways and adding shine. Fortified with a nourishing blend of rosehip, argan, and coconut oils, it's  made to seal the cuticle and restore balance. 

3. Bumble and Bumble Color Gloss, $34: Color can and will fade in between salon appointments, but this product helps instantly revives, refresh and enhance your not-so-natural hue. S-Complex boosts shine while argan oil softens, and finally, filtered pigments deliver tone to boost color and dimension--it's just what the doctor (er, stylist) ordered between sittings.

4. John Frieda Luminous Glaze, $10: The winter hair BLAHS. The struggle is real. That heavy dullness that makes you want to do something extreme--like go for a short bob or opt for a pixie cut. Before you get out the scissors, treat your tresses to some extreme shine. The clear shine patented formula can be used daily or weekly, with shine results intensifying over time. Yeah, you're going to want to keep that luxe, long mane!

5. Living Proof Restore Shampoo, $28: Already a fan of their dry shampoo, I decided to give Living Proof's shampoo a go, too! Ideal for dry, damaged hair, the Restore System helps bring back resilience. It instantly revives damaged hair cuticles so that they seem renewed and restores moisture levels to be more like that of healthier, undamaged hair. Better yet, it actually repels dirt and oil so you can shampoo and style less often for a healthier hair-care routine. (You know the ladies of Momtrends love to see how long we can go between shampoos!)

6. HUM Hair Sweet Hair Vitamins, $20: Full disclosure, I have not personally tried these vitamins  (I stick to my Olly line!)--but I know a few people who love them and swear they have made all the difference in their hair's growth, shine, and hue! PABA helps maintain hair color, while folic acid supports growth, and fo-ti, an ingredient used in Chinese medicine, support hair and scalp health. (BTW, the gummies are fully vegan with no gelatin, gluten, soy, artificial colors or preservatives, or dairy,)

BONUS: The team has been testing out MonShampooing and loving it. Check out our latest Facebook Live!

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