How to Salvage a Bad Hair Day

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It happened a few weeks ago. I had gotten an evening blowout that was *supposed* to last me a few days. But something went terribly awry. While I cautiously slept, my perfectly tousled waves and voluptuous curls transformed into crimpy kinks and unruly frizz. A $60 blowout  down the drain; and a potentially effortlessly glamorous morning turned  BAD HAIR DAY!

Alas, all wasn't lost. There are a few easy ways to salvage your mane and tame those tresses despite the threat of an, um, hairy situation. 


Pump It Up With Dry Shampoo 

When hair falls flat, you'll want to avoid MOST products. But you can easily revive it with a comb and some dry shampoo. Yes, it's not just for oily roots. Dry shampoo lifts the root to give you more volume and more oomph. 

Bun It

Use a comb to tease your already messy hair, and then sweep it up into a big sloppy-chic bun at the top of your head.

Go for the Pony

When in doubt, sweep your hair into a high ponytail. It's a fun flirty look that never goes out of style. 

Switch Your Part

This is as easy as it gets: switch your part, switch your look! If you normally part on the left, part it on the right. If you normally do a middle part, pick a side. You'll be amazed how this can improve your overall look in seconds--actual seconds.

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