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3 Winter Beauty Must Haves

With winter's cold temps bearing down on us, it's time to start thinking about adding a few products to your beauty routine that can tackle those issues that come with cooler, drier weather. My winter beauty must haves are forever evolving, as I test out new products often, and while I definitely add new products to my regimen, there are also some old favorites that I'll never get rid of. So, I decided to round up examples of both for you today. I'm talking about new products that I'm super excited about and my classic go-tos.


First up we have Carmex. I've used it since high school and it's never let me down. My lips tend to be dehydrated all year long, but they get really bad in the winter. And being that I love rockin' bold lip colors, a chapped situation is not ok with me. So, I rely on Carmex products like their classic lip balm (it's a classic for a reason) to keep my pout perfectly kissable and ready for my favorite statement hues!


Next there's my eye cream...That is an area I moisturize I few times a day and in the winter, maybe a time or two more. And while a drugstore brand might be ok when there's more moisture in the air, I go full on splurge with my winter eye cream. Lift Lab Lift & Firm eye cream is worth every penny. I just feel like my whole eye area looks brighter when I'm using it...and that delicate area gets good and moisturized.

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Finally, let's talk face masks. If you've read my beauty columns before you know how much I rely on face masks. They can cure a myriad of skin issues and my latest find is Clean Up Mud Mask. This mask specifically targets conditions like blemishes, which isn't a huge problem for me, but also uneven skin tone, which is definitely one of my problems!

So, there you have it...3 of my winter beauty must haves! For more beauty tips and tricks, like how to get frizz free hair, please head over to our YouTube Channel!

And I bet you have some beauty lovers that you'll be shopping for this year. We have loads of holiday gift ideas in our gift guide. Check it out!

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