Winter always takes it's toll on my lips. I play hard in the snow all winter long and now that my season is done (cue the sad music), I'm taking time to up my beauty game with Lique Cosmetics. The brand is created and empowered by women and they've got everything your lips need to look and feel fabulous. Here's what you need to know about lip care.

What you need to know about lip care

Establishing a Lip Care Routine

Yes, I like lip gloss, and I like it a lot. And Lique makes exceptional glosses. But before you add color to your pucker, you've got to get your lips into shape. That's why I want to talk about lip care. Here are a few of my favorite things from Lique to get your lips in good, kissable condition.

  1. Lip Scrub. This Lique product is a gentle exfoliator for your lips. It was just what the doctor ordered to rehab my winter-rough lips. Natural sugars buff off the old layers and avocado oil and vitamin E help repair and nourish. Add this into your weekly beauty routine as a little treat.
  2. Lip Masque. With jojoba oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter, this masque helps dry lips get the moisture they need AND adds a little bit of subtle color. It's easy to apply and makes your lips feel great immediately.
  3. Lip Butter. This is a tasty little treat for your lips and it smells divine thanks to the touch of honey inside. The vitamin C helps smooth lines around the lips, that as I get older are a telltale sign that I'm aging. I like it as an everyday treatment and put it on when I apply moisturizer.
  4. Hydrating Lip Balms. Thanks to the scrub and the masque, my lips are now back to normal. I use this balm regularly to keep them in good shape. Hydrating your body is important, the same holds true for your lips. Lique uses shea butter and vitamins A & E in the balm to help keeps lips healthy. Plus, it smells like vanilla and adds a subtle touch of color. 
What you need to know about lip care

All About Lique Lip Color

The founders of Lique are crazy about natural ingredients. Let's start with what they don't do, test on animals. The products are cruelty-free with all natural ingredients. The brand has invested in sourcing the best ingredients. In fact, the ingredient list reads more like a salad bar than it does a cosmetic line. I love that the ladies at Lique are keeping it simple. But this isn't some granola line, it's a cosmetic brand for women who also love to shine. 

Speaking of shine, I adored the signature Lique Gloss. It's got a silky feel to it (and a great fresh scent), there's nothing sticky or gloppy about it. The gloss comes in seven flattering colors and is now my go-to gloss. 

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I ask you: is there anything more satisfying than opening a new gloss? Well, it gets even better with Lique. Everything they do has a fresh scent that makes you feel like you are in a spa.

Lique also makes an awesome Plumper. Think of it as lip gloss with a boost. Lique uses peppermint in the formula for long-lasting and natural plumping effects. The Plumper comes in four delicious colors. 

Momtrends Tip: the best thing you can do to experience this line is to get the Lip Care Bundle ($39). It's five products that won't fail you. You'll get a scrub, a masque, a plumper, a balm and a butter. 

Doing it All at a Great Price

In addition to the colors and ingredients, I love that Lique Cosmetics has an eye on affordability. This is an everyday luxury. In addition to shopping the Lique website items are available in store at Target and online at

I love that I can recommend a brand everyone can afford, because we all deserve beauty products -- from tweens to cool moms -- that make us feel fabulous. Find out more

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What you need to know about lip care

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