If you asked me what one of my top skin issues is, I would have to say dark spots. Sure, as a gal in my thirties I have some fine lines and whatnot, but the noticeable dark spots, those are what bother me the most. Thankfully, there are some amazing products out there that not only cover up dark spots, but help treat them too! In fact, I recently came across a new brand that is helping me tackle my dark-spot issues...On that note, let's talk about how to hide dark spots!

bb cream
note concealer

First, up let's talk BB. I'm not a big fan of feeling makeup on my face, so I typically use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for light coverage, but my go-to doesn't correct AND conceal like the BB Cream Advanced Skin Corrector from NOTE Cosmetics. Not only does it help fade dark spots, but it brightens your skin tone too. Plus, it contains SPF 15. For one little product, it achieves a LOT! And along the same vein is the BB Concealer. Say goodbye to those dark circles! I know I'm not the only tired mama who seems to permanently sport them. And like the BB Cream, the Concealer treats as well, but fading discoloration and evening out skin tone over time!

Note Powder

And finally we have the NOTE Mineral Powder. This lightweight powder is packed with vitamins like C, E and to help protect against free radicals and soothe your skin. So, along with a silky finish you can help distract from any discoloration you may have thanks to the radiant look this powder gives your complexion!

how to hide dark spots

So, if you too are looking for ways to hide dark spots, why not try this super effective trifecta. I'm talking about BB Cream, Concealer and Mineral Powder. 

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