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Beauty & Beyond: Latest Beauty Finds

My husband was singing Buttons & Bows the other day. For some reason he finds it just cleverly funny to sing an annoying song just to get it into my head for the rest of the day. It’s an obnoxiousadorable game we play with each other. It’s like a Twitter game…How to annoy your spouse in 140 characters or less. His weapon of choice – Dinah Shore.

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Nails Inc. has a new addition to its incredibly fun repertoire for nails and it's all about bows. They’ve added Romance to their popular Bling It On Kits. Yes, I know…nail art is on its way out but sparkles are on their way in for spring, so this is a way of transitioning one trend into another.

This set contains two mini nail polishes in Porchester Square (a fab grey/beige) and Electric Avenue silver glitter, four 3D white crystal bows, and 50 Swarovski crystals of various sizes. IMHO, I don’t really like the larger white crystals unless they're used alone, but the smaller ones are great to place in singles on the tips or in decorative lines down the center of your nails for diva drama.

The included glue and cuticle sticks are very easy to use, and the crystals stay on for a few days or you can take them off and reuse them. Would I go snow shoveling with the bows on? Obvs no. But a night out to dinner or a fun day out shopping with the ladies, definitely. Just be careful pulling off those gloves, ladies. And when using the glue, use just enough. This is basically Crazy Glue, so getting it off of the rest of your hand is...crazy.

Now I say to my husband and his annoying games – bling it on. But don’t be surprised if the finger I shoot you has a bow on it.

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The Bling it On Kit Romance is available at for $25.

In the category question of Do-I-Need-This lies Cailyn’s Vibrating Foundation Applicator. But luckily it’s also cross sectioned in the Do-I-Want-This category. “No” is canceled out by “yes,” leaving you no choice. You must get this.

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This vibrating foundation sponge is the perfect way to put your foundation on smoothly. Easy-to-use, just put a small amount of your choice cream onto your face, then with the handheld device on either low or high (I choose high and saw the best blending) smooth it over your skin. In seconds you have a flawless coverage and no messy hands. The trick is that it massages your skin 6,000 times per minute, so that you can perfect your look by blending in the cream softly.

Granted there is a little cleanup. There are four sponges in the kit and it’s not clear how long each last, but I did a quick rinse with a makeup brush cleaner and it was as good as new.

A few notes: don't push hard or the sponge won’t move. Also using the attached mirror is tough because it isn’t really large enough to get the full face view.

The Vibrating Foundation Applicator is available for $85 at

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