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Brown bags were the norm at our house. I always envied the kids with the cool lunch boxes--especially the ones with built-in soup mugs for spaghettiO's.

I've got a few years to go before I start packing lunches, but I've come across a few standouts to share.

For the Disney crowd, the High School Musical Lunch Bag is a winner. If your daughter is addicted to the TV movie, she'll be thrilled to tote her PB & J in this dual-compartment High School Musical Lunch Bag from Global Design Concepts. A bonus feature: the bag has a zippered bottom compartment that ensures your sandwiches won't get squished. $7.99

For a slightly younger demographic, I like the Crocodile Creek soft lunch boxes. My little one likes to "practice" going to school with her butterfly bag. She totes it around like a suitcase. Colorful and light, these are perfect bags for little people. $14.50

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There's plenty to see in the area of modern designs. I'd like to amp up the lunch room with one of these two options:

First, the Fleurville Lunch Pak. Perfect for preschool, the back can be comfortably worn as a backpack. Easy to clean, the bag is a snap for little hands to open. and can be machine washed and drip dried. What else? There is a place for a hidden name tag so strangers cannot see your child's name but the bag can still be identified and also includes a built in insulated beverage sleeve which keeps drinks cold on hot days. . Three colors (orange is my pick!). $32

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Then there's the BUILT BYO Munchers. They've received a lot of press for these animal shaped totes. The four critters designed by Stephen Savage unzip to create a place mat. $9.99 each

Want more options? Katie Bayless has a nice peice on with her top five picks.

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