What a Mom Wants and a Baby Needs

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What do you want for Mother's Day? When Beech-Nut (the maker's of baby food) polled new moms here's what they found out:

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  • Most moms didn't ask for a day off. 30% wanted to share the day with baby.
  • 28% said they wouldn't mind a little pampering.
  • 8 out of 10 new moms (81%) agree that baby is happier in the morning.
  • 65% of new moms say that nutritional value and flavor are the most important factors when purchasing baby food.

Beech Nut's got a new line of food with DHA added. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid that helps promote brain development. While I haven't tasted the new line, I applaud their efforts to improve the offerings in the baby food aisle. As for me, I'm a pro-organic mom (that's a picture of my first daughter devouring her first meal). I recently wrote a roundup of for Babble.com on the best organic baby foods. Healthy Times was the winner (to read the full article click here).

Though I love cooking, my idea of a good Mom's Day is to get out of the kitchen for a few hours of uninterrupted reading and maybe a pedicure. Had a rough week and need a mood lifter? I'd recommend Carpool Diem by Nancy Star. Annie Fleming is a superstar when is comes to organization and motivation, but a complete nightmare when it comes to tending to her family. Suddenly unemployed, Annie has to learn to play mom and throws herself into the competitive world of suburban soccer. Catty and cunning, Star's book packs a punch like a Beckham midfield pass. $13.99

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