The Playard...One great invention


Playpens, pack-n-plays (Graco owns that name by the way) or playards. Whatever you want to call these items, they are pretty much a godsend to busy parents everywhere. When you need to contain your squirmy infant for a few precious moments to do frivolous things, such as bathe or answer the door, a portable play yard does the trick. Ideal for travel, a portable play yard is also essential for parents with multi-level homes, providing a first-floor napping/changing station.

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I'm planning on using the new Graco Milan ($199.99) for the first few months of our new baby's existence. Rather than getting a new crib, I like this design because it's:

  1. Easy to break down and set up
  2. Has adjustable height to give my back a break (breastfeeding is hard work)
  3. Offers a few soothing features such as vibration, music and nature sounds
  4. Wheel around to allow me to move the bassinet around the house

Once the baby is bigger, I'll switch him/her to a crib, but for the first few months, I think this is a great solution and I like the chocolate and aqua color scheme. I hope all the new moms out there have found some helpful tidbits in October's features. I'll try to squeeze in a few more tomorrow before starting up on November's Gift Guide.

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