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Take a #StokkeStroll With Momtrends

“It is your editorial duty to write about strollers responsibly.”


I may be paraphrasing slightly, but this notion, spoken by Momtrends’ founder Nicole Feliciano, really stuck with me. We have a responsibility to do our research and share the facts—especially when it comes to baby gear.

As writers, we influence expensive, investment purchases that affect our reader’s everyday lives—not to mention the safety of their children. So, yes, Nicole is absolutely right—writing about strollers is not to be taken lightly. And that’s why earlier this week, Momtrends hosted top New York City bloggers at an event showcasing the amazing fleet of Stokke Baby strollers.

Allow me to digress for a moment... I am a mom of two. I have an active toddler boy and a needy newborn girl at home. As far as parenting is concerned, I’m in the thick of it—I’ve got my hands very full. So I need gear that makes my life easier, and keeps my kids safe, secure and happy. And if it’s stylish too? Well, that’s a bonus. Stokke delivers on all of the above, and so much more. I am officially sold, and the Stokke Stroll event reinforced why we, at Momtrends, are such staunch fans of the brand.

As we nibbled on appetizers and sipped wine, brand representatives demoed the Stokke strollers. Each serves a slightly different purpose, but the brand is not out to get parents to collect them all. Rather, the company encourages moms and dads to find the Stokke stroller that fits their lifestyle best. I should also mention that we got to try the strollers—to see how they maneuvered, how the wheels worked, and how to assemble and collapse them... because as fashionable as they look (and that they most certainly do!), the functionality is what really matters. And Stokke has it all!

I'm ready for a #StokkeStroll. Join me, by finding the ideal stroller for you, below.

The Xplory


The ultimate baby stroller, the Xplory boasts unparalleled height control and raises your child higher to encourage everyday interaction and bonding with Mom and Dad. Worth noting: it also keeps your baby well above the snowy, slushy mess—so it’s great for NYC winters! (We also love how it’s the perfect height to pull up to restaurant tables.)

With three parenting-facing positions and two forward-facing positions, the Xplory is ideal for sleep, rest and play. A cozy infant-insert makes it a good fit from day one. Two-wheel function and easy-swivel front wheels makes it a breeze to maneuver in tight spaces and on all types of terrain.

Finally, we have to add that the Xplory is just a really modern, cool and chic piece of equipment.

The Crusi


With three parent-facing and two forward-facing positions, this stroller offers a spacious and comfortable ride for Baby—or babies! There’s an optional sibling (toddler) seat, making the Crusi an ideal choice for growing families.

While not quite as high as the Xplory, the Crusi’s seat position still brings Baby closer to Mom. An adjustable ergonomic footrest eliminates dangling feet; and ventilation in the hood improves air quality and reduces the risk of moisture inside the carry cot and stroller seat.


The Scoot


This stroller is great for everyday use and/or travel. It features a reclining two-way seat with three positions for rest, sleep and activity. The compact folding design and portability makes it an awesome on-the-go option. It features the closer-to-Mom height and smooth ride Stokke is known for, and I appreciate that the oversize canopy offers SPF 50 protection.

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More photos from the fabulous event:

The scene at the Stokke Stroll event at Toshi's Penthouse in NYC's Flatiron Hotel.


Bloggers strike a pose at the Stokke Stroll event.


Spring is in the air. (Well, sort of.) These fresh designs have us channeling warmer days.

How fun is this brand new design? It's inspired by the graphic prints of the 1960's.


Bloggers in action—tweeting, posting to Instagram and taking notes!


It was a cold night in NYC, but the Stokke winter kit kept bloggers warm and toasty... just like it does for moms and babies on the move! (FYI, there's also a summer kit to keep baby protected in the sun and heat!)

Bloggers went home with this awesome changing bag, which also attaches on to the Stokke strollers for on-the-go convenience.


Disclosure: This event was sponsored by Stokke. All opinions are our own.

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