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Syncing Your Style: Teething Essentials

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One of the toughest milestones to get through is teething. Sure, it is exciting, but watching your little one in pain is unbearable. Luckily, there are a number of really great teething products available to calm, soothe and offer plenty of much-needed teething relief.

teething relief

Boiron: The only teething solution that we found to be safe, and effective is the easy to administer, snap off, single dose Camilia drops. The pleasant tasting drops work very quickly to soothe aching gums, ease tooth ache and relieve irritability so your little one can rest easily and play happily. Camilia drops even aid relieving minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething. These drops work so well that we keep them on hand and have used them on our older children as well!

Born Free by Summer Infant: Looking for a versatile teether? The Calm ‘n Soothe Teether by Born free can be used at room temperature, chilled, or frozen for extra soothing. Soothe and stimulate baby’s sore gums during teething with the BPA-free teether that are offered in natural shapes that are perfect for front and back teething. 


Branam: Now that we're talking teeth, we must address how to keep 'em healthy. As soon as baby's teeth erupt, you can brush them. Branam makes an all-natural Tooth Gel that is safe for babies. Branam's tooth gel is made with Xylitol does not contain SLS or Fluoride, and is safe to swallow.

Finn + Emma: Love this adorable hand- knit elephant attached to an eco friendly, uncoated (hardwood) wooden ring. Finn + Emma created Piper the Elephant organic Teething Ring and rattle that's finished with a bit of beeswax and non-toxic dyes. We love the combination of smooth wood, soft organic cotton, and that "Piper" is stuffed with all natural sheep's wool making it perfectly safe for biting, shaking and gnawing. A bonus? It's fair-trade and made by artisans in Peru.

Green Sprouts: Always on the hunt for non-toxic things for baby, I love the safe, fun- shaped teethers from Green Sprouts by iPlay. I love the non-toxic options of teethers they offer, so whether your babe prefers cool or textured, there's an easy to hold teether to ease and soothe gum pain. Baby girl particularly likes the cornstarch Hand Teether (it is fun to hold, rattles and the teething parts are soft on her gums!)

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eco friendly teethers

Green Toys: We have always been big fans of Green Toys, made in the USA, good for baby, & for Mother Earth. My First Green Toys Twist Teether is a toy and teether rolled into one. Shake, rattle and explore this exciting Twist Teether. Baby's hands can easily grasp this lightweight, three-dimensional, ultra-safe teether. Each uniquely shaped and colorful charm has a distinct texture to stimulate visual and tactile senses.

MayApple Baby: Love the award-winning silicone teethers from Mayapple Baby. To get a jump start on the ABS's, we love the fun-shaped, bright alphabet teethers. They can be chilled too! Also from MayApple Baby are the cutest nautical inspired teethers featuring Suri the Octopus~stylish, functional and totally safe for baby.

Mello & Co.: I love the Nawgum all- in- one teether. Although you may find the unique shape unusual at first, Nawgum's textures are placed in just right spots for easing painful areas. (designed after a finger, baby's #1 gnawing preference!) It provides relief to gums while getting first teeth and will be perfect for later as baby's molars emerge.

My Natural: We love the plant-based eco teethers from My Natural. The soft teether comes in three adorable animal shapes, is easy for baby to grasp and provides soft comfort to those aching gums. Best of all? My Natural teethers are free of BPA, PVC , latex and phthalates, Whew!

Plum Organics: For a healthy way to sooth aching gums and a cranky teething baby, we freeze the yummy pouches from Plum Organics. We find that freezing the pouches, (and letting them thaw a bit) encourages baby to eat even when teething depresses their appetite. They get the relief and nourishment all rolled into one. We trust Plum Organics for our baby because we know there's no additives, preservatives and nothing artificial inside.

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