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Syncing Your Style: Choosing the Right Bottles for Baby


Choosing the right bottle for your baby can be a confusing journey. Good thing this mama of three has some experience in the bottle department. Check out what's new in bottle feeding systems and we're sure you'll find one just right for your little munchkin.

Chicco: The NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding System from Chicco makes meeting the changing needs of baby a cinch. Three distinct nipple shapes adapt to the specific needs of growing babies as the natural suck-swallow action develops. Ergonomically correct in shape, engineered to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of babies as well as extra-soft nipples make up a winning combination. Buy: Amazon

Comotomo: Comotomo Baby Bottles are ideal for the baby that is transitioning from the breast to bottle or one that switches between the two. Comotomo's unique soft-silicone shell feels as smoothe as mama's skin and enables baby to be in a relaxed and comforted state during feeding time. Easy to clean without fussy brushes, and the durable silicone construction makes them safe in boiling water as well as in the microwave. Buy: Amazon

Difrax: The S Bottle from Difrax is an innovative way to mimic a child nursing at the breast. The unique "s" shape means that the nipple is always full of milk but not air. The valve in the base, ensures that your baby will swallow less air therefore has less trouble with burping, vomiting, colic and earache. The valve prevents a vacuum being created when baby sucks and ensures a constant flow of milk. The "S" shape is ergonomically correct for mama too allowing feeding time to be relaxed, comfortable and all about connecting with baby. Buy: Amazon

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Evenflo: If you're looking for choices, Evenflo has a wide range of bottles to suit the specific needs of every baby. Whether you're looking for silicone, BPA free plastic or clear glass, Evenflo offers an affordable feeding system designed to meet the needs of your baby. From the classic and simple to the colorful and the anti-colic, Evenflo knows feeding and has a bottle and nipple that is just right for your baby. Buy: Amazon

Mixie: For formula fed babes, Mixie has an ingenious bottle. Formula goes in one compartment, water goes in the bottle and at the first sign of hunger all you need to do is shake and blend. Say goodbye to clumps and lumps and be ready when baby is. Buy: Amazon

mOmma by Lansinoh: New to Lansinoh's product line is the mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple. This nipple allows baby to engage in the same natural sucking actions to breastfeeding, and has been clinically proven to reduce nipple preference so moms don't have to fret about nipple confusion. The Air ventilation System reduces baby's intake of gas drastically reducing or eliminating colic, spit up or bothersome air bubbles. Momtrends was not compensated for this post. Samples were received and may contain affiliate links. Buy:Amazon

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