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You know that sweet baby smell when you nestle your newborn's neck? A little whiff of perfection, right? But then there's the other smell. The "I've changed eight diapers in this room today" smell. Not as pleasant.

Greenleaf, maker of various home fragrance products, has introduced a new Greenleaf Baby Collection - a line a reed diffusers, sachets and room sprays in four sweet, nursery-appropriate scents.

Greenleaf Room Scents

Bouncy Baby - Love that "just after bath" smell on your babe? You'll love the clean scent of Bouncy Baby with layers of white cotton, muguet florals, musk and soft woods.

Cuddly Baby - Powdery fresh, Cuddly Baby has top notes of citrus mixed with soft florals. Orange flower, violet,jasmine, rose, geranium and cedarwood are sure to cover up even the smelliest diaper.

Sleepy Baby - Soothing and calming, Sleepy Baby brings calm to the nursery with green floral and herbal lavender accented with fir needles and cedarwood. Sweet dreams (and smells) are just a sniff away.

Snuggly Baby - Lavender, orange flower, jasmine and violet blend with vanilla and white musk in the calming scent Snuggly Baby.

Greenleaf Baby Line

We love that the satchets are printed on adorable recyclable paper and contain earth-friendly fragrance oils and biodegradable ingredients, the room sprays are petroleum-free and non-flammable, and that the reed difuffers provide a flame-free alternative to candles.

Set a reed diffuser on top of the dresser, drop a scented sachet underneath the diaper bin bag or give the nursery a quick spray right after a diaper change. Then you can breathe deep and get back to cuddling your cute little one.

The Baby Collection is available at www.greenleafgifts.com.

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