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Strange Baby Products (That Are Strangely Useful!)

A changing pad that keeps your kid's hand out of the mess. A tube that pipes your car's AC to a rear-facing car seat. And of course a gadget that helps your baby pass gas. Today we're highlighting some strange baby products that are also strangely useful and have moms raving! These baby products might sound crazy, but just try them and you may be hooked too.

Strange but Useful Baby Gear

Car Seat Cooldown: The Noggle


Sweaty baby backs begone! Hot-climate moms sing the praises of The Noggle that works as an extension tube to your car's air conditioning or heating vents, allowing you to get that cool or hot air directly to your child. Genius, right? Available for both forward-facing and rear-facing car seats (the hoses are different lengths), the Nozzle comes with adapters for both circular and rectangular vents, attaches in seconds, and is available in a variety of colors and designs. BUY: Amazon

The Snot Sucker: NoseFrida


Parents everywhere swear by the NoseFrida, an innovative gadget that lets you suck the snot right out of your baby's nose. Don't worry - there are replaceable hygienic filters to actually keep the snot from going into your mouth, but the concept can be a bit unnerving at first. Once you get over the gross factor though, you'll appreciate the relief it gives to your congested babe when she's too young to blow. BUY: Amazon

The No-Touch Changer: Diaper Changing Glove Sack

Diaper Changing Glove Sack

If you or your spouse gets a little squeamish during diaper change time, you'll love the Diaper Changing Glove Sack. From the same company that created the Diaper Cream Brush for hands-free diaper cream application, the Diaper Changing Glove Sack lets you both keep your hands clean while you swap out a soiled nappy as well as have a convenient way to dispose of the diaper at the same time. Perfect for diaper changes on-the-go or those inevitable diaper blowouts. BUY: Amazon

The Swim Helper: Otteroo

Otteroo Baby Floatie

I'll admit that I couldn't stop looking at this one - it just looks wrong to me! The babies seem to be hanging by their necks! But between the moms I've talked to and the Instagram love this product has, I have to believe that the Otteroo has a lot of fans. Designed for babies just 8 weeks old (!) and up, the Otteroo helps keep your babe's head above water in the bathtub or pool. Otteroo also claims their product helps enhance motor skills, maintain a baby's innate swimming reflex and promotes earlier walking. Would you give it a go? BUY: Otteroo

Gas Getter-Outter: Windi

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With a tummy full of air, a gassy baby is often a fussy baby. Sure you could try medicine drops or gripe water. Or you could just get the gas out. The doctor-developed Windi tube promises to "free the farts" and bring instant relief to your constipated or colicky little one. Yes, you insert it in there, but there is a stopper to ensure you don't go too far and the single-use tubes are tossed afterwards to keep everything sanitary. If you're feeling a bit squeamish about giving the Windi a try (or just want a giggle), take a read of the comments on Amazon. The reviews aren't just full of hot air (ha!). The Windi has lots of hilarious compliments from satisfied customers. BUY: Amazon

Little Hands Clean Changing Pad: Snoofybee


It only has to happen once. In the middle of trying to change your baby's diaper, his adorable flailing baby hand lands RIGHT THERE. In the dirty diaper deposit. Ugh. Luckily there is the Snoofybee, a unique baby wrap/changing pad type thing that keeps their little hands up by their face and out of the diaper. Ignore the fact that the Snoofybee looks a bit like the "Cone of Shame" your pet may get at the vet. This is changing pad with benefits. BUY: Amazon

Potty Time Helper: iPotty


I've potty-trained three kids which means I've spent waaaaay too much time crouched on our bathroom floor reading books, discussing the pros of pooping in the potty with a toddler, and doing celebratory pee-pee dances. I'm all for limited screen time, but if your kid takes 20 minutes to poop or is afraid to even sit on the toilet, the iPotty may be your saving grace. Plus, with the built-in screen holder, you don't have to worry about the iPad accidentally falling in the toilet. BUY: Amazon

A Hand With Feeding Time: Lil Helpers Bottle Holder


In an ideal world, we'd all have endless hours to sit and feed our babies. But sometimes, you need a hand with bottle holding. Designed for babies 2-9 months, the Lil Helpers Bottle Holder rests on your child's chest and helps them hold the bottle at the right angle. A useful invention for car feedings, feeding multiples, or for those cooking-dinner-helping-with-homework-and-baby's-hungry moments. BUY: Amazon

Do you have any of these strange but useful baby gadgets? Have others we should know about?

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