Stokke MyCarrier

all three positions mom

We're testing out the Stokke MyCarrier a 3 in 1 baby carrier

that transforms into three carrying positions as your child grows. We know picking

the right baby carrier

is a big decision. Thanks to some help from our friend Beau, we were able to test out this carrier. Here's our Momtrends video:

MyCarrier includes three components: the main harness with integrated hip belt, front carrier, and back carrier. Secured by double locking carabiners, the carrier is constructed with safe soft breathable organic cotton textiles.


The Stokke MyCarrier provides safe, sustained, comfort for you and your baby. From 8 lbs and 21" until age 3, this carrier can really take you places in style. The main design difference that stands out? The ergonomic fit with removable back plate. Sure, the carrier looks great (we'd expect no less from Stokke), but this carrier supports mom and dad in new ways. I found the adjustable fit extremely comfortable. Once you've got kiddo strapped in, head out and explore. MyCarrier is a great way to bond with baby on the go.

front facing couple

Position 1 Front Facing Inwards. Get started here when baby is about 8lbs.

2 front facing

Position 2 Front Facing Outwards. For older babies with more neck strength--get ready to explore the world.

rear facing

Position 3 Back Carrying. Once baby can sit unassisted (maximum load 33 pounds), switch to the back carrier. Free up your hands and chest, and still keep your little one nearby.

Thank you Stokke for ensuring that all materials are free from harmful substances. And here's more good news: The MyCarrier includes a 3 year warranty.

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