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Staying Connected With BabyNes


It’s hard to believe that my little girl is already one… Her milestone birthday was just a few weeks ago, and it totally threw me for a loop. It feels like it was just yesterday that I left the hospital with a six-pound nugget in my arms. Didn’t I just give her that first bath? Didn’t I just stop breastfeeding on demand? Didn’t that first smile and first “mama” and first giggle all happen, like, two minutes ago?... How could it be that 365 (plus!) days have already past?

penelope is one

As Sweet P continues to grow and get older, I want to make sure I don’t forget all the little things—what solids she’s eating, the quantity of formula she’s drinking, and, most importantly, how she’s developing. I want to chart her progress and confidently watch as she masters new milestones and surpasses goals. It’s easy to lose track of the seemingly minor details (especially with Kid Number two!), and I don’t want to miss a moment of her fleeting babyhood.


That’s why I’m so happy my BabyNes machine syncs with my smartphone. On a day-to-day level, it helps me track P’s nutrition and follow her growth milestones. I can share her timeline or even the entire dashboard with our pediatrician. I can even reorder the appropriate capsules (remember, the formula evolves with age!) while out and about and on the go.

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Here’s how it works: the Wi-Fi enabled BabyNes sends information directly to my MyBabyNes dashboard and MyBabyNes app. (I can also manually enter feedings and track breastfeeding too.) I’m able to keep a record of P’s weight and growth and add photos and notes to share with family and friends. And since BabyNes directly syncs with my smartphone, I get feeding notifications when a bottle is prepared—even if I’m at away from home. With BabyNes, I’ll never miss a minute—which is great because time is flying!!


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