Momtrends' Ultimate Baby Shower


MUST-HAVE 1: Baby Björn Carrier One

Infants like to be close to their moms. Like, really, really close. They don’t care that we have dishes to do, laundry to tackle, emails to answer, and toddlers to chase. They just want to cozy up to Mom’s warmth and feel her reassuring heartbeat. That’s why a quality carrier is clutch.

babybjorn carrier one

Now that my little one is a bit older, she absolutely adores going for facing-forward family strolls in our Baby Bjorn One. It’s most definitely her favorite activity—and mine too! It’s sturdy, comfortable, and totally intuitive to use. With the ability to hold babies from newborn to three years, the new and improved Baby Carrier One boasts enhanced features, including a new look, an ergonomic, wide-leg position, extra-thick padding in the shoulder straps, and a sturdier waist belt that relieves pressure on the shoulders. I can’t rave about this one enough! It has helped me immensely on many a fussy-baby day and would be a perfect baby shower gift.

MUST-HAVE 2: Baby Björn SoFo Diaper BagI’ve carried my fair share of diaper bags in my day, but the Baby Bjorn SoFo just may take the cake. In addition to being roomy with lots of pockets for optimal organization, it can be carried as a tote, messenger bag, or backpack. Basically, it’s three stylish and versatile bags in one. It’s unisex too—so Daddy doesn’t mind carrying it. (Because, sometimes Mama needs a break!)


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MUST-HAVE 3: Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper

Your little one is going to want a cozy place to relax and sleep. Moreover, you’re going to want to have a safe place to put Baby—where he or she will be content and happy while you get a chore done or, you know, catch your breath. My “tiny love” absolutely adores her Cozy Rocker Napper. It features a beautiful canopy and soft-head support to help improve the quality of Baby’s nap, calming vibrations, an electronic toy, and nine musical settings. The automatic, one-hand switch sit-to-nap feature makes the transition from playtime to naptime utterly seamless.

tiny love rocker

MUST-HAVE 4: Dr. Smith’s It’s inevitable, Mom. Diaper rash will happen. So it’s best to be prepared before your itty-bitty baby’s tushie is red, irritated, and soar. Developed by a pediatrician, Dr. Smith’s is trusted by parents to help treat diaper rash, fast. Dr. Smith’s is available in an ointment and a touch-free, zinc oxide spray. Simply said, it helps restore Baby’s soft skin on that oh-so sensitive area in a jiffy.


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MUST-HAVE 5: Baby BubulaEverybody poops… But babies—they poop a lot. It takes more than a plastic trash bin to contain those dirty diapers. Luckily, the Bubula is leaps and bounds better than the average garbage can. Unlike its competitors, which are mainly plastic, the Bubula is an all-steel construction. The air-tight lid prevents odors—even during disposal; and a safe lock keeps out children and pets. Best of all, it uses standard trash bags, so you don't have to buy pricey specialty bags. It's a heavy-duty diaper disposal system... for those heavy-duty diaper changes! a Rafflecopter giveaway

bubula diaper bin

MUST-HAVE 6: I See Me BooksWhen I received a personalized Hello, World! book from I See Me after my daughter was born, I couldn’t help but tear up. Reading this incredible and beautiful book with her for the first time was such a beautiful moment and incredible experience. Hello, World! makes a perfect gift to welcome a new baby into your life. You’ll treasure this adorable keepsake book, as it is personalized with your newborn's name and photograph. (When ordering, customers have the option to upload a photo of their child to appear on the dedication page of the book.) It’s available in pink, blue, and a version for twins too.

hello world i see me

a Rafflecopter giveawayMUST-HAVE 7: Bump WaterThis one is for you, Mama. Because, motherhood begins when you’re pregnant—so the best thing you can do to nurture your not-yet newborn, is take care of yourself. I had two very rough pregnancies. With severe morning sickness for the first 16 weeks (both times around—lucky me!), I could barely get of bed in the morning, let alone cook food for my family, eat regular meals, and, gulp, take those giant horse-pill vitamins. In fact, I shamefully skipped my pre-natals more often than I’d like to admit because I just couldn’t handle them. (Just thinking back on the sheer size and aftertaste, makes my gag reflex act up.) Enter Bump Water, an all natural, refreshing drink that's filled with 10 pre-natal vitamins including folic acid (the most important one), low in sugar and calories and offered in two flavors: 100-calorie Strawberry Lemonade sweetened with organic cane sugar; 10-calorie Pomegranate Mixed Berry, sweetened with all natural Stevia. a Rafflecopter giveaway

bump water

MUST-HAVE 8: Dream on Me Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible CribIt took me way too long to move my now ten month old to her own crib in her own room. It’s a big change—and an important one. Now that I have, we’re both sleeping better. The first step to making this transition is finding a good crib. The Dream on Me Synergy 5-in1 convertible crib adds a touch of color and contemporary style to any nursery. It easily converts from a standard crib to a todder bed to a day bed and then has two options for a full-size bed.


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MUST-HAVE 9: Britax B-Safe 35 Elite infant car seat When I was pregnant the first time, I spent a ton of time researching car seats. And Britax, as a brand, always came out on top. As a whole, their car seats are highly rated and extremely safe—what more could a mom ask for? Appropriate for babies 4 to 35 pounds, the B-Safe 35 Elite safeguards Baby with an extra layer of side-impact protection; a deep, contoured energy-absorbing shell, a steel frame, and an impact-absorbing base. It easily adjusts as your child grows—so no need to re-thread the harness (take it from me—this is key!) Premium padding and an easily removed cover cradles Baby in comfort. SafeCenter LATCH Installation has center-pull straps that tighten easily and quickly. a Rafflecopter giveaway


MUST-HAVE 10: Mabel's Labels Baby Label PackMy youngest went to daycare for a year, and I had to label every last item from his sippy cups to his spare binkies! Luckily, the Baby Label pack from Mabel’s Labels includes 56 labels and tags. These labels are super durable, super cute, and super personalized. Plus, they’re laundry, dishwasher, and microwave-safe. (Life-proof labels!)

mabels labels

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