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Picci has some beautiful bedding out for 2009. All of their exquisite baby bedding items are made in Florence Italy. Parents looking for a earthy nursery will be won over by the new Natura organic 3-piece set. Ivory with chocolate accents, this set is sophisticated offers chemical-free sleep for baby ($449.99).

My favorite item from Picci hands down is the carry basket (aka moses basket or bassinet). The basket measures 33"x19"x14" making it the ideal place for a newborn to sleep during the first few weeks home (the crib will seem enormous at first). Plus the carry handle design makes this breeze to carry a sleeping baby from room to room as mom tries to sneak in a shower or a well-deserved nap. The carry basket is available in Organic Natura ($289.99), but I am partial to the prints such as the Peter (green shown left; $179.99) or the pink version called the Jennifer ($179.99). All baskets are made of woven palm and include a cotton liner and comforter.

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