Personalized Books for Kids: M is for Me from I See Me

Personalized Books for Kids

I love giving personalized books for kids as gifts. One of our favorite finds over the years is the "M is for Me" book developed by MyChronicleBooks for M is for Me encourages not only a love of reading and learning the alphabet but also the kind of confident qualities surely we parents would wish for our daughters and sons. I made a video to share even more about the new book:

Each letter represents a characteristic that every parent hopes their child will develop. C is for caring, P is for patient, and U is for understanding. All great messages to share with your young children. The pictures are creative, colorful and captivating to young children. This is a book that they can look at again and again. Not only are the books full of positivity--they are also sure to become family treasures. When you order this one-of-kind book you can add a special message and photo into the book. They make great shower gifts--incredibly thoughtful and personal. Maybe it's a gift an older sibling can make for a younger sibling to welcome the new family member. It's also great as a small gift for a friend who isn't having a shower. This new book is $34.99 and with standard shipping will deliver 2 weeks after date of order. Yes! They do ship internationally! International delivery arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date. Head here to order M is for Me I've given this book as a gift and we have them for the kids, my girls are now full-blown 'tweens and they absolutely treasure these books. They will become family heirlooms for sure.  This is a sponsored post.

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