Nursery Design 101


Are you and your partner all consumed with work? No time to decide between bunnies or bears for the baby's room? I suggest an all-in-one nursery design.

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There are a couple ways to go. MiGi was started by Michele Adams and Gia Russo. These gals are all over the airwaves bringing their batch of cool, California style to the time-strapped and decoratively challenged. When they spawned, the designers "realized there was a need for high-quality yet affordable bedding and accessories for babies." Right on! Their four collections provide everything baby will need--from rugs to window valancesall in coordinating styles. The collection launched last year in Babies "R" Us and is now also available on the gal's website. There are four collection in all--I'm partial to the retro-mod Pinwheel group (see above). The 6-piece bedding set is $179.99--a steal if you ask me.

Got cash to burn on baby bedding? Spoil Junior rotten with a head-to-toe look from Serena & Lily. Serena Dugan & Lily Kanter teamed up a few years ago to reinvent kiddie decor. To say their designs were well-received would be a huge understatement. This duo is breathing down Martha's neck. In addition to the full offering of crib bedding and furniture, they offer paint (who doesn't love a color called "air"--yikes $45 a gallon you'd better love it) and fabrics by the yard. These sets run around $1000 for a complete set (I've shown Ruby--one of my favs). What do you get for your coin? Three pieces of bedding: 350 thread-count sheets for your princess, tons of lovely embroidery on the bumper and skirt. The crib sheet and other coordinating items are itself is going to cost extra-$80 for the sheet, $65 for the changing cover, etc.

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