New High-Tech Changer for Your Nursery


When I registered for a changing pad, I was essentially picking out a block of plastic-covered foam with a cute cover. Oh, how times have changed. Changing pads are coming into the technology age with Hatch's new Smart Changing Pad which offers so much more than just a place to lay your babe while you take care of diaper duty.

Hatch pad

The Hatch Smart Changing Pad not only functions as a luxe changing pad, the built-in scale and computer also help you to track your baby's weight, feedings, diaper changes, sleep and length. Inputting the data is easy to do via the changing pad's interface and can be viewed and tracked on the free Hatch app. The app makes it easy for sleep-deprived parents to keep track of baby's essentials, for parents at work to track baby while with a caregiver, and to report concerns or progress to a pediatrician at check-ups.

So you'll never have to worry if your baby is having enough wet diapers in a day, getting enough sleep, or gaining weight. You won't have to wait for those doctor visits. You'll be able to know for yourself - easily and quickly - with the Hatch Smart Changing Pad. Check out how it works:

The Hatch Smart Changing Pad will retail for $299, but when it launches later this fall 2015, it will be offered for $199. You can sign up on at to be notified when the product goes live and snag it at the amazing launch price!

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