Neosporin Essentials for Seasonal Skin Conditions


I've mentioned that my daughter has a mild cause of eczema that flares up during the winter. This includes small patches of scaly skin that makes her so itchy! It is hard to understand exactly what causes it, but I try my best to cover her in cream and make sure that she gets enough of rest. During a recent press event for Neosporin Essentials in NYC I had the chance to learn even more about this condition and how to effectively treat it.

Led by Dermatologist Dr. Peter Lio, the event took me through a seasonal lunch as Dr.Lio discussed how the changes of the season may effect your skin health. This includes cool and dry weather outside combined with forced hot air inside that can cause a high risk for irritation. Dr. Lio mentioned that this is extremely prevelant in babies and toddlers; however adults can still get it later in life. To combat eczema, atopic dermatitis and dry skin, Dr. Lio recommended the Neosporin Essentials line that includes a Daily Moisturizing Cream, a Daily Body Wash and an Anti-Itch Cream. This unique formula offers quick relief thanks to the relipid formula that includes lipid, humectant and botancial blends to help retain mositure for healthy looking skin.

We have been using the line on my daughter, who has been remarking that it smells like sun lotion, and freely puts in on her skin. She also loves taking baths with the body wash that is very gentle and non-drying. The Anti-Itch Cream is one of our favorites since it quickly improves her dryness, flaking and redness without the use of antibiotics and fragrance. I also love the moisturzing cream that is great for regular winter dryness as it protects and restores the skin.

Dr. Lio also suggested to see a dermatologist who can customize a plan that analyzing your diet and lifestyle, which may also be a factor related to eczema. He also suggested the following tips for winter to maintain your skin during this often dry time of year.

  • Keep skin warm and protected when outside.
  • Try a thick, protective moisturizer on any exposed skin to prevent windburn.
  • Consider talking to your doctor about supplementing vitamin D during the winter months as many people are deficient
  • Consider getting a humidifier for bedrooms to help add moisture to the dry air.
  • A moisturizing body wash may help with dry skin.
  • Moisturize during the day whenever the skin appears dry and also within minutes after every shower or bath to help lock in the water.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a gift bag at the event.

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