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Sometimes it can be easy to pick a baby names, while other times you might find yourself searching through websites and books to discover the perfect name for your bundle of joy. A new app, Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer?, developed my Mark Edmoon, a new dad/ independent app developer is a great way to research various names from public records via Wikipedia and data provided by the US government to see their influence and history. The idea came to Mark when he realized that "there'??s so much more to a name than the basic popularity info and '??name meanings'? text." For example, the name "Ellen" is common name for psychotherapists, librarians, and activists. Ellens also overwhelmingly lean toward the Democrat party and have tended to be most popular in the northeastern part of the U.S.


Through the app you can also locate names to learn some interesting facts such as is "Mason" - More common among scientists... or strippers?, is "Julian" - Republican or Democrat? or is "Ava" - Southern name or Northeastern?

Through the user-friendly interface you can explore the professions, political party, and popularity of millions of real people and their professions via Wikipedia and data provided by the US government.

Some of the interesting results include the top names for football players, writers and whether the name you are interested in is linked to an Archaeologist, Farmer, Soldier or an Inventor.

Check out this sampling and explore this unique app here

'?¢ Top occupations: Poet, Model, Actress
'?¢ Top party: Democrat
'?¢ Popularity peaked in 2010
'?¢ Most popular in the Northeast
'?¢ #2 in popularity last year

'?¢ Top occupations: Aerospace Engineer, Librettist, Skeleton Racer
'?¢ Top party: Democrat
'?¢ Popularity peaked in 1993
'?¢ Most popular in the Midwest
'?¢ #8 in popularity last year

Check it out on the App Store (or search for "Nametrix"):

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