Must-Have Swaddles For Your Baby


Swaddles are a must-have for every newborn baby. Both of my kids were huge fans of the swaddle, as I find it definitely does calm a baby. I am hoping that with my number three, I will have the same experience. With my daughter, I probably went through at least three swaddles a day. Swaddles have many different uses and are not just for wrapping a baby. They include: stroller cover, nursing shield, top sheet in the crib, burp cloth, tummy time blanket to name a few. Momtrends had a chance to test out and approve these super luxe swaddles and here are our favorites!

Swaddle Roundup

Aura Weavers blankets come in a variety of cute and cuddly baby friendly designs. The natural open weave of Aura Weavers blankets makes them uber breathable which helps your baby to maintain a comfortable body temperature. All Aura Weavers blankets come sized 47" x 47" and have a natural stretch that ensures snug and secure swaddling for your little one. The lightweight muslin makes for the softest and most durable blankets for your baby.

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle is the only swaddle to mimic your touch. It contains lightly weighted parts, almost like little bean bags, that apply gentle pressure on your baby's sides and center to provide the comfort and security of being held. The Zen Swaddle combines the benefits of swaddling and touch to provide a safe, secure environment for your baby. Made from 100% super soft cotton for your baby's tender skin, and is washer and dryer safe.

Swaddle Designsultimate receiving blanket is cotton flannel and is baby soft, lightweight and breathable. The cotton flannel material is perfect for winter babies in keeping them warm and cozy. The square fabric is 42"x 42" with a signature trim which makes for optimum size & shape for swaddling and much more. Each blanket comes with easy to follow swaddling instructions sewn on the edge of the blanket. The new elephant and chick pattern is a must have!

Aden & Anais offers a wide variety of swaddles. They come in many different patterns and three different types of muslin: bamboo muslin, organic muslin, and classic muslin. The bamboo muslin are my absolute favorite as they are super soft and cozy on your baby's skin. The 100% natural cotton muslin swaddles are a must have because of their breathability, generous size, and multiple uses. Plus the more you wash them, the softer they get. Aden & Anias are known for their unique, contemporary designs and are an absolute mummy must have.

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