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The statement, "kids grow up so fast" is so true. One minute I have a baby and the next I have a defiant, yet amazing four-year-old. With my second daughter, I have been trying to take it all in - from her scouting to babbling - everything is different and magical in a different way. I have also been recording these memories in an innovative and super stylish new baby journal called This is Your Book.


Created by Ryan Maconochie, a Chicago-based graphic designer under the label StarRM, This is Your Life is a modern baby journal that gives parents an opportunity to record more than just the vital statistics about their baby's birth. You can reflect on the pop culture that surrounds the birth covering current events like who the current TV news anchors are to vital information about your baby - height, birth hospital, time of birth, and hair color. I loved going through the book and chronicling the current events, maps, and factoids of 2011/12 to tell the story of her first year. The book also includes pages to record a baby's foot and handprints, lists for parents to chart your baby's prospective names, a space for clippings of news stories as well as pages to chart random statistics such as the U.S. Dollar to Euro exchange rate. I loved that there are also pages where you can include pictures of your baby's grandparents, chart your thoughts and even list the names of your babysitters. It truly is a full consortium of your baby's life. There is really nothing like this out there that allows parents to chart their children's lives through whimsical and fun activities.


In addition to the fun content, I loved the design of the book that is sharp and modern. Featuring a green cover with clouds, a kite, a bird and a butterfly the pages are also filled with various pictures and a simple font and white backdrop that is perfect for babies of any gender.

The precious first year goes by so fast. This is Your Life is a great way to record those special memories that will provide amazing insight into what the world was like when your child was born as well as a fun book to look at in the future. For more great gift ideas see our Must-Have Play Mats.

For more information, please visit: www.StarRM.com. Buy the book on Amazon here

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