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Making Squeezable Homemade Baby Food


I've mentioned in the past how much I love making home made baby food. Now that my baby is 14 months she is moved on from solely eating mashed purees, and now eats everything that we eat. I can't tell you what a huge relief this is as it makes mealtime (a little) easier. She also snacks a lot now where I tend to stick to fruit at home, but when we are on-the-go that can be messy. Recently, I have been purchasing organic squeezable snack packs that include everything from mashed up veggies to various fruits. Quick, easy and healthy, I loved the simplicity of these squeezers and the ease at which they can travel.

One major downfall is the price. Racking it at about $2.oo (or more) a pouch, a regular snack of one of these a day can really add up! To make this easier and cheaper for parents Infantino will launch its Fresh Squeezed Feeding Line. Sold exclusively at Babies R Us, the includes various tools such as the Squeeze Station, a first of its kind food prep device that lets parents press their homemade baby food into easy-to-store and ready-to-serve Squeeze Pouches, a Fridge & Freezer Sleeve, a Keeper Squeeze Pouch, a Peppy PureeSqueeze Pouches, a Steam and Smush and much more.


One Sunday morning I got to work to test out the line by making three varieties of food (mixed berry with spinach, carrot and mango, and apple and cherry). I started by making baby food how I normally would (boiling some water and adding in the ingredients). Then, I used the Peppy Puree to blend the vegetables and fruits through its handy pulse control button. It was really simple to use (basically press and it blends ) - creating a smooth and creamy texture. For thicker textures (like the carrot), I used the Lil' Smush and Lil' Smush Bowl to mash up the food even more for an even consistency.

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I then rolled up my sleeves for the fun part - transferring my mixture to the squeeze pouches via the Squeeze Station. I set up the unit, which involved inserting the pouches into a tube and then clicking the tube in place. It really didn't require any hard work or intense set-up, which I really appreciated. I then poured the food into the tube and pushed into the pouches down with a press. In seconds my puree ended up in the BPA-free squeeze pouches where I then sealed, labeled and stored them in the Fridge & Freezer Sleeve. I loved this innovative storage unit as a way to neatly store the food as well as organize the pouches by date and/or food type. I repeated this process to make 12 pouches of delicious and healthy home made food for my children. The entire process took about an hour - including boiling time, but you can also mash fruit and veggies without cooking them and I also made three varieties at once, which made my kitchen a mini food production line.

After the pouches were made I gave some to both of my daughters who loved the blends. My older daughter, who loves a particular cherry/apple blend on the market, didn't even mention that the ones I mentioned tasted any differently. She asked about the other flavors I made and had a few requests for the future!

As parents we want to provide our children with the very best food, but it is also important to be conscious of our spending. With Infantino's new feeding line parents will love the ease at which they can both store and make homemade food as well as benefit from how economical and cost-effective this innovative tool really is.

Making Squeezable Homemade Baby Food

Check out their fun promo video to learn even more about the product:

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