Inventive Moms Take on Messy Baby Situtaions

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If you are a mom or dad in the trenches (and I am with you right now!), you've had to improvise some interesting diaper changing stations. I admit to using a newspaper once. And a few times I PRAYED that my daughter would not decide to pee or poo while I slipped a new diaper under her butt while she rested on my duvet.

I no longer play with fire. I've found the Plush Pad. This roll-up pad provides a cushy soft spot to whip off an offensive diaper without exposing baby to germs or your furniture to stains. The pad rolls into a tight cylinder--perfect for a diaper bag or compact changing station. Unlike the skimpy pads that come with diaper bags (Skip Hop is an offender), this portable pad has plenty of space and the soft cotton stays put--competing synthetic pads allow baby to squirm right off the mat. It's machine washable too. Available in almost a dozen prints from Ah Goo Baby. $47

Another not-so-fun way to play with fire it to attempt to burp a baby without a burp cloth. I attest to ruining far too many clean shirts out of laziness and lack of clean cloths. But even with a proper cloth I still manage to get spew down my back or on the furniture. NO MORE. Enter the Burp Catcher. There's ample surface for baby to rest while you hunt for the elusive belch. Then once baby let's one loose, the pocket at the bottom of the cloth collects the fallout. Pretty clever. I tried the fleece, this may be a little heavy for the summer, but I think the mommy designer's got something with the design. Opt for cotton flannel for the summer months. $12-$16

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