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Introducing Gerber BabyNes: Formula That Evolves With Your Growing Child

To say that the choice to stop breastfeeding was a difficult one would be a vast understatement. I tortured myself with my own uncertainty. I cringed every time someone asked me if I was still nursing. I rationalized, and I compensated, and I made excuses, and judged myself like a crazy person. But when I finally phased out the “background noise,” I realized I, ultimately, had to do what was right for me and my baby. I had loved and relished those first seven months of nursing, but it had suddenly become an unrealistic option for us.

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When it comes to parenting, I believe that you have to listen to your gut. You have to shut out all the unwanted opinions (within reason, of course), and do what feels right. And so, after a few weeks of weaning and soaking up that skin-to-skin amazingness, I decided to exclusively formula feed my nine-month-old beauty.

And, so, I moved on to tough decision number two: which formula to use. With so many options and so much information (and misinformation), picking “the right” bottle of formula off the baby-store shelf can be downright daunting. If breast is best, then what is the next best thing? If the composition of breast milk naturally changes month-to-month to follow my baby’s nutritional needs, then how is a “one-size-fits-all” formula right for baby from Day One to Day 365? I found this concept hard to swallow, and that’s why I was so excited to learn about the launch of the Gerber BabyNes Smart Nutrition System.

BabyNes is an advanced system, offering a range of six single-serve formulas in capsules for babies and toddlers during the first three years of life. In essence, BabyNes ensures that your little one is getting the right nutrition she needs at the right time.

gerber baby nes

From zero to six months, the revolutionary (yes, I said “revolutionary”) formula’s protein and caloric content is inspired by breast milk. The next three stages then stay moderate, from seven to 36 months, to accommodate for the increasing intake of solid food sources.

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The toddler formulas are designed to help with the transition from formula to milk to solids. How cool is this? I always found it odd that at 11 months and 30 days you’re “supposed” to give Baby formula. But then magically on the next day, when Baby technically turns one, you can make the switch to regular cow’s milk. I’m no doctor, but that sounds like an aggressive transition to me.

The formula is used exclusively with the BabyNes smart-feeding machine, which allows for one-handed preparation and optimal temperature control. It also creates perfectly mixed bottles—so no clumps and no shaking necessary. Best of all, the formula never comes into contact with the machine—it dissolves completely within the capsule and flows directly into the bottle. And, of course, the system has no BPA.

I love that BabyNes formula evolves with and for Baby’s changing needs. All moms want their babies to thrive—to be healthy and happy, whether they breastfeed, formula feed, or do a little bit of both. BabyNes is giving parents a whole new option to feel good about when they decide to move on from breastfeeding.

And, with the clarity that comes with a little more sleep and a little more time, I’m relieved to tell you that I finally feel good about my decision. And I think Baby P looks pretty content too…

(By the way, despite what the shirt says, Baby P is not seven months old. Gerber was kind enough to send me BabyNes onesies that coordinate with the months the formula compositions change. Since we’re smack in the seven to 12 month formula-phase, she’s modeling the seven-month shirt…. Cutely, I might add. )

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This is a sponsored post, and we were also given samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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