Holiday Gifts for New Babies

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It's crunch time folks and you need gifts for all the new babies in your life. Here are three inspired ideas.

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1.) Wagamama Baby Blankie Ball: It's a toy (that can't break anything in your house) and it's a blankie that can soothe a cranky tot. Roll up the blankie and stuff it inside the squishy fabric shell (it's easy not like restuffing a sleeping bag) $46

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2.) Stukonu PJs: Forget about those weensy snaps or sticky zippers. Velcro it the answer to a late night diaper change. Created by a mom , all rompers are tagless for added comfort for a baby. I picked the rosebud print to test--so sweet! $14.99

3.) Let's Play in the Snow: A Guess How Much I Love You Storybook: Love the bunnies from the Guess How Much series? Me too! That's why I think any new baby would be lucky to add this latest book from the collection to their library. $7.99

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