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When preparing for baby's arrival, we spend a lot of time for getting things "ready for baby", but we must also remember to make our a space "baby ready." When thinking about baby's health, wellness and safety there are plenty of products to try to convince parents that the need to place their new baby in a proverbial bubble. We think that a few modifications, some smart tips as well as a few additions will make your home a baby ready space where you can relax, enjoy and share in each other's company.

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The A to Z of Children’s Health: A Parents Guide from Birth to 10 Years. This guide, written by two pediatric experts, will help parents navigate the day-to day issues they will encounter in raising their children from birth to 10 years. Organized alphabetically, the guide includes 235 conditions and illnesses that are easy for parents to comprehend. Complete with photos and diagrams, the A to Z of Children's Health is a must-have for parents, caregivers alike to help ease the worry and get the straight-forward answers they desire.

Angelcare Monitor 1100:If you're looking for a monitor that monitors your baby and then some, the versatile Angelcare Monitor is your best bet (think of Angelcare Monitor 1100 as an all in one safety system!) It combines a quality baby video and sound monitor with an under-the-mattress baby movement Sensor Pad so you’ll be alerted if no motion is detected in the crib after just 20 seconds~perfect for parents and babies that don't share a sleeping space. It has an impressive list of features, covering everything from the innovative (like the Under-the-Mattress Movement Sensor Pad, 2-Way Talk-Back Feature, & Day & Night Vision (Infrared Camera)) to the practical (like the Parent Unit Locator, Temperature Display and Control & Low Battery Indicator). The Angelcare Monitor 1100 offers state of the art monitoring to give parents the ultimate piece of mind.

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Baby Banz: For all of your sun safety needs for your little one, parents can rely on Baby Banz. Sun safety is something we need to think about year round whether we have a sunny destination in our vacation plans or not. From protective eye wear to sun hats to sun protective clothing for your little one, you can rely on Baby Banz 50+ UV SPF rating to shield your delicate baby's skin, eyes and head from the harms of the powerful sun.

Capri Clear: When it comes to baby's skin, you want only the most natural products for baby's skin. We use versatile coconut oil for so many health and beauty jobs that we were intrigued by Capriclear spray on moisturizer. Made of fractionated coconut oil extracted from whole coconuts. It is pure, natural and sprays on lightly. You get all the benefits of this non irritating, toxin free natural healer in a convenient spray on formula. It won't stain clothing, is portable, and boasts natural anti-oxidant and anti bacterial properties. Perfect for soothing and healing baby's gentle skin, but beneficial to skin of any age.

Difrax: Doctors often recommend a pacifier as a form of SIDS prevention. Difrax pacifiers are designed to be the most natural looking, are BPA free and have a special cut to reduce skin irritation. What make Difrax different from other pacifiers? It is a 3-stage pacifier system designed to meet the unique needs at each stage of development.

Easy Access Bandages: Bandages are part of life with a little one. For one-handed application that also minimizes the risk of contamination, Easy Access Bandages offers sterile, latex free bandages to make covering the inevitable cuts and scrapes with ease. Easy Access Bandages™ are secured in portable packs organized by size.

The First Years: The Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit has all you need to maintain, check and soothe your little one to keep them feeling their best. From soft touch nail clippers to an easy read thermometer, the kit keeps all the essentials in one easy to find place and it is endorsed by the American Red Cross. For all your on-the-go needs, every parent should have a first aid kit. Don't know what to put in it? This one from the First Years and the American Red Cross will take care of those inevitable boo boos!

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4 Moms: Bath time can be loads of fun (check out my essentials list HERE) but it can be a dangerous time for baby too. 4 Moms have an innovative, easy to read water temperature thermometer that digitally let you see just how warm the water is. The spout cover has color coded display to help set the perfect temperature and has a handy range to let you know what is considered a safe, and comfortable water temperature. It does double duty to make sure baby doesn't bump his head on the hard, unforgiving faucet, two safety features in one!

Munchkin: A safety gate is a must have in our house, with two sets of stairs, a backyard pool and an eager dog. We want baby to have a safe place to play with the convenience of being able to see baby, as well as the ability to move easily between rooms. Munchkin's Safe Step Gate with Tripguard is noticably lower to the floor than other gates (a big hooray for this clumsy mama!), automatically locks and even offers a third locking system on the bottom. You can use it anywhere you need it and have confidence that baby will be kept out of harm's way. You'll just have to remember to also use Munchkin's convenient Childproofing Kit which includes all the essentials to baby safe your home. From outlet covers to drawer closures, to corner protectors and a unique door stop that works with all types of doors (even pocket doors!), Munchkin's Childproofing kit will make babyproofing a cinch. Car Safety is also important. Protect your little one from the rays of the sun with Munchkin's white-hot cling shades. You can easily move them from car to car and you don't have to worry about it popping off and causing an injury.

Prince Lionheart: When baby becomes mobile, you need to look at things from their level. Corners are now a hazard, fireplace ledges too sharp, and hot flames from the stove need to be shielded from baby's reach. Even chewing on the potential toxins in your baby's crib rail can be dangerous. Prince Lionheart has many safety items to make your home and car a safe place for baby to be.

Safety First: Door knob covers are another great safety must but the ones from Safety First are my favorite as they glow in the dark. They are hard to manipulate for little hands (and you might need a bit of practice!) but they keep doors secure and the added glow cuts down on bumps in the night.

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Scar treatments for Kids:- OTC Scar Treatments for Accident-prone Kids:For accidental spills, tumbles and falls, there are two solutions to help heal and treat both new and old scars. Both OTC scar treatments are easy to apply and clinically proven to reduce hardness, elevation, redness, and discoloration caused from scars.

  • For kids constantly on-the-go, Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar gel is a great option that can be applied directly to the skin and dries within minutes after application.
  • For nighttime treatments, ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets can be applied at night to fade, flatten and shrink raised or old scars without sticking or staining clothing.

Smart Solutions Toolkit for Baby: Caring for a child can be scary business, what if they fall? are choking? Parents will be rest assured knowing that they have easy access to fully comprehensible helpful tools from Smart Solutions. A toolkit containing life saving tips. Magnetic backings secure these tips sheets right where you or the babysitter will see them if the need should arise. From CPR and Choking tips to emergency number flip cards and a less urgent but important vaccination record chart, Smart Solutions puts life-saving resources into your hands.

SnoozeShade:I love their innovative stroller shield that protects baby from the sun's harmful rays. It easily pops open, and folds just as compactly and works on most single lightweight travel strollers. Perfect to shield your child from bugs, weather and from strangers' hands reaching in and touching. SnoozeShade provides a cozy, cocoon like womb allowing your child to get their uninterrupted ZZZ's even when on the go.

Summer Infant: Summer Infant has many products to keep your little one safe, feeling secure, giving parents a change to breathe a sigh of relief. When thinking about health and safety, a baby monitor always comes to mind. I prefer an audio over a video monitor, and love the highly rated Summer Infant audio monitor. It offers so much at a great price point. I love the added safety measure of the digital thermometer temperature reading because an overheated baby not only poses a safety risk, but also makes for an unhappy baby. With no interference to worry about, the Baby Wave Deluxe digital audio monitor securely and privately reaches over 650 feet, features a remotely controlled nightlight, and two-way communication enable parents to soothe and talk to baby anytime. We love their step to secure metal walk-thru gate. All you have to do is set it in place and then use your foot to press and lock the gate securely into place using a pressure mounted system. The extra-large walk through opening is easily handy-the width of the date door is the width of the doorway you mount it to. and every nursery needs to be equipped with a health and grooming kit. With everything you need to care for your baby, as well as quite medical references and a place for emergency numbers, you'll have just what you need in one handy kit.

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