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Gentle Skincare for Babies from Seventh Generation

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Gentle Skincare for Babies from Seventh Generation: Over the course of the year with our baby, I've noticed that she gets a mild rash whenever she is exposed to anything with fragrance. My older daughter is the same way, so as a general rule I stay away from products that contain fragrances as well as those with parabens and sulfates.

To stick with ingredients that I know, I have been using products from Seventh Generation including their new "For the Wee Generation" line, a gentle and mild selection of products that are gentle, safe and made from natural elements like extra-virgin olive oil.

Starting with their Baby Suncreen, which I apply on both my baby and older daughter, I love this mineral-based formula that includes a broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection. The formula is also water-resistant that contains no chemicals, parabens, gluten or PABA. It also has a very mild scent thanks to the addition of aloe.

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For the bath, I loved using their Baby Bubble Bath, their Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash and their Baby Shampoo and Wash all of which feature a mild and invigorating scent. We really loved the foaming wash that created a sudsy experience in the bath while also being a gentle cleanser . Non-toxic and tear-free, the foaming wash contains pure olive extract (this helps with the suds), that makes it a wonderful way to clean while also making it fun for kids. My kids also loved the bubble bath as their bathtime ritual become an evening of soap and bubbles. In the past, bubble baths have been renowned for being heavily fragranced without offering that many benefits to the skin. This formula from Seventh Generation is tear-free and contains no parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances so kids can suds up and splash away without worry.

Post-bath (as well as during the day), I like to use their Baby Lotion and Diaper Cream (when needed). The mild lotion (also made with extra virgin olive oil) and plant-based ingredients like orange peel, shea butter and grapefruit was a light and effective cream that quickly absorbed into my baby's skin as it moisturized her arms, legs and torso. I also used it on myself where I loved how soft it left my skin. The Diaper Cream was also wonderful that is also natural and even made with 100% of plant-based ingredients like beeswax and castor oil. As a gentle formula, it was also effective as it moisturized and calmed my baby's skin while helping to create a natural shield against wetness.

As moms we want the very best for our babies and as I have become more educated about what actually in products, this includes items that are not harsh or contain any chemicals and fragrances. I loved the effective new "For the Wee Generation" line that was both effective, mild and made from products that I feel comfortable putting on my childern's skin.

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