Five Breastfeeding Must Haves


Did you know that August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month? I thought it would be a great time to share some of our top picks for breastfeeding mamas. I nursed both my babies and it was such a wonderful, bonding experience filled with extreme highs and some trials and tribulations. Happily, I had my breastfeeding go-tos that made things easier. If you're on that journey yourself or are expecting and plan on trying to breastfeed, these products just may make your experience even better!


1. Good water bottle...You always, always, always want to have a big glass of water next to you when you're breastfeeding. Dehydration is not your friend. I made it a habit of keeping a water bottle by my side at all times. I'm particularly loving this ZoLi Pip water bottle. The easy flip up spout rocks and can be done one handed...You know how much us moms of babies have to do one handed. Haha!


2. Cute nursing top....You don't know how hard it is to outfit yourself with a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe until you're in the thick of it. I remember struggling to find cute, versatile pieces that I could easily nurse my baby in. This heather grey Mamaglo All Occasion Tunic can be styled a million different ways and is just perfect for the upcoming season. Plus, it's sublimely soft. Comfort is a top priority for breastfeeding mamas!


3. Nursing scarf...Nursing covers are very useful and I have no quarrel with them, but have you tried a nursing scarf? The soft, breathable NuRoo Nursing Scarf can be fastened a variety of different ways, so you can position it in a way that's the most comfortable for you and your baby. Plus, it's so stylish, you can use it as an accessory long after your breastfeeding days are over!


4. Fruits and Veggies...a clean diet is so important when you're breastfeeding. You feel like have more energy when you're eating well and staying active right? Well, that goes double for when you're breastfeeding. And when you want an extra boost of nutrients, an organic juice like Bundle Organics can give it to you! They're especially made for expecting AND new moms.


5. Chewbeads...As your babies get older, they could lose focus while they're breastfeeding. Keep those little heads from looking all around by giving them a sensory tool to concentrate on. Chewbeads are great for that. They can clutch them while they're feeding and use them as a teething toy after they're done!

So, do you have any breastfeeding must haves that you relied on?

Disclosure: This is not a paid post. We received samples for review. We are not experts. Please consult your medical providor and/or lactation consultant before beginning a new routine.

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